Should I Leave The UOTC and join a Yeomanry Squadron?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Yeomanry_Recce, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. (This is a shameless advert for the QOY in Scotland)

    1- You get to play with armour (and stripped down land rovers are on the way) and command real soldiers.
    2- You get a sexy job to do (Formation recce is v. good and with new forward air control role it is getting better)
    3- If you Commission whilst at Uni they will not call you up till you have finished your studies.
    4- We have many more MTDs than we can use
    5- Quite a social bunch- a good ball each year, a couple of dinners
    6- Two Squadrons in Scotland both need at least two Officers (so you could even turn up mob handed). One 30 min North of Edinburgh (Cupar), one 30 min South of Glasgow (Ayr).
    7- Big bounty (Type A Bounty)
    8- It would not be social suicide (like joining Signals/Loggies….).
    9- Chance to do lost of fun stuff: Skiing in the Alps, Cresta Run, All Arms Commando Cse
    10- Chicks dig it
    11- More freedom as a Subbie than Infantry as the Armoured Troops have to deploy well in front of SHQ
    12- Each Sqn has just opened new Troop locations so Regiment is in an expanding market whilst some TA roles seem to be being phased out.
    13- Post commissioning courses are interesting. Gunnery (Bovington), Tactics (at Recce School, Warminster),
    14- Good posting if you wish to be called up. We now only send our Officers to RAC Regts so no “loggie pish” for 6 month if you go on a tour.
    15- Relaxed atmosphere- no “red coat” nonsense. No “Sirs”, all Officers on first name terms. Colonels are called Colonel.

    Okay it has a few down sides no woman, a demanding job, small squadron size, and the locations are not that easy to get to, but that is more than compensated for.
  2. The future is bright, the future is Yeomanry!
  3. You forgot a uniform so smart that it has its own Oxbridge degree, apparently, or so I am told, repeatedly.
  4. You know you could of timed this thread better; being that most OTCs are currently on their summer camps!

    Not to say, though, that the idea is a bad one! I transferred from my OTC to a yeomanry regiment and have to say that i haven't looked back! Great fun, and can confirm all the benefits that _Recce put forward.... (though maybe the girls are better at OTC).

  5. I can confirm the Scottish chaps are all very nice fellows and he lies... they have/had 3 girls :D
  6. Fair enough but is there ever really a bad time to point out that a move from OTC to Yeomanry is quite simply the smartest choice?

    Only solution is to pretend I am an Hon. Col. and just keep repeating myself till all listening agree out of politeness.
  7. What about all the business of owning land etc - is that the case, particularly in Scotland where the impression can be " oh I have a little farm in Fife..... called Fife". I thought you had to have loads of it to join. Am I wrong?
  8. You've either never been to Cupar or Ayr or you travel by helicopter...
  9. Well a few female soldiers but not female officers! So for a 'young sir' the draw (unlike the OTC) is not girlies.

    OJARHead, Sadly those days have gone (nearly) so we will even take people who can't ride, don't own a sports car and have no third income.

    Selection is basically:

    Get a Commission then-

    Can you use a knife and fork? Yes (No HKLP)
    Do you tie your tie in a big footballer's knot? No
    Does your suit have more than 3 buttons? No
    Can you Reel? Yes(ish)
    Can you actually run a mile and a half quicker than the soldiers? Yes
    Do you know the role of Cavalry in War? ....

  10. Oh did I not say? You simply cannot join without at least a small helicopter.
  11. I see so if one is halfway between Ayr and Cupar, which one should a young officer approach?
    Are both Sqns more or less the same or do they differ and in what way?
  12. Well what is the dif. between the East and West Coast of Scotland?
    We each have our own opinions.

    Really both have the same role and we meet up so often that there is not (too) much in it.

    Officer-wise, Ayr has draw from as far North as Glasgow were as Cupar draws from Aberdeen (Forfar Tp) and right down the East Coast to Edinburgh.
  13. which one are you in
  14. Neither I am posted.
  15. given that there is not really that much choice of teeth arms in Scotland you must be turning subbies away - or are there vacancies for 2Lt Lt and Capts?