Should I join?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shavies, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    I'm currently in the TA signals and am at University in Leeds. However, due to University just being far too much expense for me (e.g rent and the costs associated with it), I'm considering leaving after finishing my first year and moving back up home and joining the army.

    The thing is, I want the physical challenge of joining the infantry, or wish to join the armoured corps (my dad was in for 15 years in the 9th/12th Royal Lancers), as I've always wanted to join the army from a young age due to my dad being in, and University and college has delayed this (I was intending on going in after University), but my dad says join and get a trade, as it's (and no insult intended to members of the infantry or armoured corps here) a bit of a waste going in something like the infantry or armoured corps without being an officer if you have A-Levels or a degree.

    University just isn't for me either, I'm bloody fed up of academia.

    Is my dads advice wise to follow if I do leave uni and go in? I don't wish to end up getting into arguments with my parents if I just disregard the advice either. Is it also wise to even leave University and go in as well?

    My dads now a police officer, and I was kind of thinking of joining the RMP as well, seeing as my TA Barb test score was high enough for all services. However, my dads even said 'RMP!? They're definitely not well liked! :p '
  2. When I went to the careers office they tried to put me into the intelligence corps because of my qualifications even though I wanted to do infantry

    The guy specifically said, "You're not joining the infantry until I have a hole in my anatomy"

    Well, guess what?

    I'm joining infantry because that's what I want to do.

  3. I'm TA Inf and hoping to join the RAC, I'm doing it because my civvie job is going t1ts up. Just beware that your TA unit might not be very cooperative, the careers office have been waiting 2 months for my paperwork to reach them.

    Most important thing is that you do what YOU want.
  4. Ditto

    It'll be a crap career if you coose something that'll please others and not yourself. :frustrated:

    Why not look at some other meaty roles:
    Specialist Signals roles
    Int Corps (I suspect it's a good job but the sneekie-beekies never tell me)
    RA observer role
    RLC postal and courier role
    RAVC dog handler (Always in the thick of it somewhere)
    RAC Recce Regiment, not Main Battle tanks
    RLC Ammunition Technician

    (OK so there's a red herring in, can you spot it?) :?

    Remember you can always specialse in other roles that are subed down from their original role, and there's always the Airbourne & CDO option.

    If it's Infantry, then go for it, but remember you're not always in the thick of it in the 'Stan. A wet Sunday in Colchester is no fun and games.
  6. stick uni out, become an inf platoon commander and even if you dont you will have something worthwhile to come back to.
  7. What interests you about RMP?
  8. Cheers guys,

    I'm leaving because of financial worries - I can't afford it. I'd stay into the second year if I could.

    I've got an interest in the RMP because of my dad being a police officer.
  10. Ok I grant you promotion is pretty quick these days as an AT so yes getting on tour in the bomb doctor role is quite good, but this guy isn't even in yet so I wanted him to have the full picture not a rose tinted view. Believe me I'm in know way just trying to score points against you Fat Cav, no matter how much of a walt you are. I stand by my comment that the majority of Int and Sig guys stare at computers in HQs, that is their role. Very few are on the ground, especially signals - that signals role is for the infantry or RAC signallers.

    I like you selective quoting of me with regards to being a Postie, I never said it was "a very good trade to be in", I said it was a good trade to be in for travel. If that's not trying to score points I'm don't know what is.

    However you are correct, as I previosuly stated, information of here is regularly from people who have no experience of their own. Shavie go to the capbadge recruitment teams or speak to your PSI staff at your TA centre.
  11. Daddys a police officer so you want to be an army police officer?

    what do you know about the job?
    what makes you think it's for you?
  12. You're an oxygen thief for a reason, so why don't you take your tag and lack of knowledge elsewhere and leave the chap alone.
    (I'm now off out to the fresh air to replace oxygen wasted by actually making this post)
  13. You say you're fed up of uni, but would stay another year if you could? Why not defer your course for a year to do a tour; unless you splurged when you got back, you'd have saved up enough cash to finish uni, and would get to do the job that you want to do. Obviously there are some problems with this, but it's an idea.
  14. Yep, I'm fed up, but if I had the finances I would stick it out even though I'm sick of it.
    That's one thing I was thinking of when I first joined the TA, taking a tour with the TA whilst I deferred a year of uni.
  15. Good point, Crab, if he can do that....!

    Shavie, as you have reached university, I would recommend staying there and finishing your degree, unless there are overwhelming issues why you can't.

    Pleading poverty won't wash with me because I bet you haven't yet tried to control your expenditure and earn more money.....?

    If you leave university in just over 2-3 year's time with a reasonable degree (what is it, BTW?) and some useful time in the TA behind you, you will probably fly through Sandhurst, if that is what you want. If you leave university now, you will probably be able to join the Army but the academic reins will have to wait until you have the time - and that might take several years. If you are good enough - finish the course.

    It has occurred to me that lots of people think about joining the Army, but the failure rate is quite high; you might discuss that with your father; this is not a walk in the park!

    I think you first have to decide about your academic career - and from your posts, I don't think that you have done that. Then decide on the Service - and then the job!