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Stupid question I know, but im not 100% certain and I want to be before I do. So, heres me

21, male, guitarist (no band.. shite!!), avid motorcyclist, 2 gcse's and stuck working in a ******* bar.

I want more out of life, I want responsibility, I want excitement, I want discipline, and I want the ******* money!

I would like to join either artillery or armoured. As i have previous mechanical experience.

I dunno, could you guys tell if its for me or not, Ive posted here before, but im stuck between the

1 - i could die and lose everything
2 - if i dont go will my life just continue as boring as this?


You have to make this decision yourself you cant really expect people on an inet forum to tell you to join or not, if you want responsibility, excitement discipline + money then man up join. Its 4 years of your life well spent doing a job that is important .. rather than dossing not really going anywhere working in a bar. Anyway goodluck in whatever decision you make.


well its ur choice .
but if you want decpline etc then army is right for you .

and the diein bit more people die on the roads than in the army, its a risk u have to take .

but it your choice .


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Whats to stop you dying when being run over by a car?

Theres more people die of road traffic accidents every year in the UK, than forces personel do?

Man up, serve your country.


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Give it a try mate, if you dont like it you can always leave like i did (but eventially you will end up going back) 8)
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