Should I join the Intellegence Corps or RLC?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by BARBGENIUS, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi Int types,

    I've just done my BARB test and got 67 and they said I can join anything I want to. I originally wanted to join the Royal Logistics Corps, but now I have been told I could join the Intellegence Corps if I want to as they are recruiting like mad and according to him and I quote "will take almost anyone nowadays". But I don't really know what they do, and the recruiting Seargent did not know very much either (but then he was just infantry ha ha).

    Please could somebody furnish me with some more information about what Intellegence actually do? Will I be able to drive vehicles? I just don't really want to be stuck in an office being a typist, and that is pretty much what this guy said at the recruiting office.

    I don't have a degree or anything but I started doing a degree in film studies but dropped out. Is a degree really necessary for intellegence work? Or is that just to filter people out for undercover duties?

    Sorry about all these questions but I went in to the careers office just wanting to be a driver and came out with lots of choices I never really expected. They even said I was bright enough to be a "Redcap", but my dad was in the Pioneers and he says they are all cuntbuckets.
  2. Sorry RAMC Medic what?
  3. Sorry BARB : what's your background, and what would make you want to join Int Corps? I'm a medic so I've very little exposure to them but I know that there's a few on here who are members (I believe...) who may be better able to help you.
  4. I second that wahing.
  5. Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans...

    I thought we covered this sort of SH!T today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. I third it!!
  7. Well I am 23 and got 9 GCSEs and 3 A levels and went to Uni but got bored after a year (I don't like baked beans lol) so I dropped out, I worked as a security guard for a while and I have done a few odd jobs - supermarket, warehouse, even a milkman! So I am used to getting up early and that. But my dad did 22years in the Pioneers and keeps telling me I should join the Army. So I thought I would give it a go.
  8. I got 74 on the BARB, 5 GCSEs and a lot of beer drinking under my belt.

    You ain't a genius son.
  9. Oh sorry loony_bin you sarcastic ****, I wanted the username "fatuselessbastard" but the site said you already had it!
  10. No, you mongalaaaaaaaaaaaaaar... ahem

    I am in fact g2_loony_bin as it says above my avatar. You clearly are somewhat dim if you cannot navigate around the Int Corps forum. I'd suggest stagging on at whatever Sainsbury's you used to do Security for and eat some more Fruit Corners you stole every night.

    Now f@ck off!
  11. For a sensible answer, check the Army website for details and get as much literature from the recuiting office as you can. It makes my blood boil to hear your Recruiter's attitude. Its his job and he's just not doing it!

    I feel qualified to answer any questions you have as an ex-Infantry recruiter and now 'slime'.

    With a good BARB score like that and the required GCSEs, your could do a whole lot worse than the Int Corps. Of course, there will be an element of office work involved, whatever direction your career in the Corps develops, but some of the best jobs are there too (cue the barrage of slagging from other dissaffected slimers).

    You WILL get deployed a long way from an office fairly soon after completing your training anyway, so standby!

    If you've got any detailed questions, PM me and I'll give you my thoughts for what they are worth.
  12. We don't mean to be sarcastic Barb but what sort of question is that, Do I want to be a f*ckin driver or do I want to join the top 5% of the British Army.

    It smells of a journalist or someone trying to take a very sarcastic dig at the Int Corps, which we don't take kindly to!

    Try the stickey at the top of the page with all the recruiting/why do I want to join the Corps/Will the Corps want me type questions.
  13. Wow you are far too stupid to be in the Intellegence Corps because you clearly dont understand sarcasm. what are you in loonybin, I bet its the Womens Auxilery Balloon Corps!!! ha.
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