Should I Join the army ?????

Hi i have an opportunity to accept a grant from the army, i have been offered it.

But i am from a pakistani background, i know what the military is about, my grandfather even fought in the second world war, the question is would i fit in, considering the current political climate.

The money would also hep alot through out Uni, Im just not sure

Tell the truth please
Coming through University I assume therefore that you will become an officer?

That being the case your ethnic background, religion, gender etc won't make any difference at all. Speaking on behalf of the ranks, we don't particularly like any officers!!! :D
In all seriousness though mate, the army is not as intolerant / racist etc as a lot of people (media especially) would have you believe.

If you get stuck in and prove yourself then you'll fit in just fine...
What's the nature of the grant / cadetship?
Appears he has netted a few nibbles...
Yes join...the army....I did....

I was born Jan 1940..Petaling Jaya .in my arrse kicked by the japs before the invasion.....1941.......put into a camp in Indonesia...till 1946,
(took a year to find us)...then got my arrse kicked by chinese and muslims.....for another 2 years........The British Army are the best.....but dont let your culture(religion/politics) confuse you.....join due your duty!!!!
What do you want to to do in the Army Brentford?

And is this a grant or a bursary?
I am going to aston, and i have been offered the DTUS. I think there is a 4 year min comitment envolved. I am doing an enginerring degree, so i would be going toward the engineering side. Im not worried at all about my fitness, i have been and amature boxer, i have a good idea what the military means.. My only reservation is as stated previously ..

I have many good mates in the army, and iv been getting mixed messages from them.

thanks for any advice
Considering the speelung misteaks, I had you down for an Inglish student, or journo.

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