Should i join or not

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jamief89, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. My problem is the girlfriend , i told her i was considering a career in the army (infantry)
    She goes fcuking nuts and threatens to leave , sometimes im like fine get to **** .
    I can understand her concerns and she would be worried but should i go and embark on my ambition and join the army or listen to her?
  2. Don't be weak, do what you want to do.
  3. just do it!! you will only regret it if you dont try! and for example you split up in a few months/years time,you will be kicking yourself
  4. Ask yourself a few questions

    How long have you been together for?

    How long have you wanted to be a soldier (weirdo, but then each to their own)

    Will she come around to the idea after she's been given a bit of time to get her head around it? Tends to be a bit of a shock to be honest.
  5. yeh were nearly at the break up stage anyway . just hard ........
  6. Go for it, you will soon have dripping fanny around yer neck wherever you go. She will find someone else to throb her.
  7. Do it.
    I made that mistake 2 years ago and then we split anyway.
    If she's going off like that anyway she sounds like a git, she should be supporting you, if it's what your wanting to do.
  8. To be fair mate you've come on an Army forum asking if you should join the Army or not because your bird said so. You already knew what we were all going to say so get off here and get down the recruiting office.
  9. If your nearly at breakup anyway, then I think there's your answer. Good luck with your career!
  10. Just go for it mate, if she comes around then all's good but you have to be selfish sometimes and you don't want to be living with a big regret!
  11. go for it, Girl friends are a temporary feature especially if they moan that you may be away for a while, the military is a lifestyle choice you cannot be half heated about it, its like nothing in civvi street including things like fire or police. Once in you are military, no longer a civvi and your thoughts on how things are done and should be done will change 180 degrees, once you beome military you will change, your GF wont and unlessshe is one of the "special ones" that can take the lifestyl, she will be gone. so unless you feel you cant live without her (strange prospect but I suppose there are animals around like that) go for it.
  12. My lass said I could do what I want and that she would be chuffed and support me but she didn’t want to move around with me every few years but after it sunk in she really liked the idea of that lifestyle and now wants us to get married. So, crack on, if it’s meant to be it will be.
  13. Be honest with yourself, did you seriously think anybody on this forum would tell you not to join the army and listen to your bird? NO!
  14. You could suggest that she join Rear Party (RearParty - Home) and talk to some of the partners on there about what it's like being married to a soldier.
  15. If you want to sign up fella, do it.

    If she's not willing to be behind you and support your decision then it simply wasn't meant to be. IMO thats a selfish point of view she's got there.