Should I join and what as?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by drz400:), Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. I'm really interested in joining the army but I'm not sure whether it would be the right thing to do?! Can anyone say how they decided or how they reckon I should decide? Also if I go in, I'd like to be an armourer but after reading around and hearing that they mainly sit around doing diddly squat it's making me reconsider. Would the Para-troopers be a wise decision? I didn't really know where to put this thread either...sorry.
  2. Quick and nice answer, if you are having doubts, don't bother, as you are wasting your own time and the time of everyone else concerned!
  3. Ammo tech - If I knew then, what I know now - I'd have gone for that from day 1
  4. Are you Ammo tech now then? I looked at that a little while ago but got distracted when I started looking into the armourer. Is ammo tech better?
  5. Ammo Tech offers quicker promotion etc. but you need to do two selections and get a good BARB score / have good GCSEs.
  6. Well i'm taking my BARB 28th Sept, after that I'm going to get medically cleared then go on that 'Taste of life' course (i think it's called that?)
  7. Thats a good start, probably best to go from there really, but I stand by the fact that if you have any doubts they need to be addressed before you start or you will end up dropping out. Ammunition Technician requires 58 on the BARB I think, though I may be wrong.

    What exactly are the doubts, may I ask?
  8. Ok, I'll just do my best and pray to all the gods! ;) Doubt wise, to be honest, I don't really know. I think it's just after reading so many people say shit about REME armourers and how they don't do jack, I think i'm a bit put off. I was looking forward to the armourer but it just sounds crap now! I'm also looking at the para-troopers but my fitness really isn't what's needed for p-company. BARB first i think then look further ahead! ;)
  9. Christ no, I wish - no I totally fucked up and missed the boat - I never joined the regs, just did 10 yrs in the TA infantry. I now really regret not doing it when I was young enough.
    I am trying to get into RLC (TA) now, but you can't do the full ammo-tech route (presumably because the trade training is so long, involved, and intense), but there is the 'Ammo Specialist' role, which sounds interesting from the little info I've managed to find on it, if they'll have me.
  10. Would be cool if you could do the specialist role! ;) Shame that you didn't do it to begin with though. I guess that's one reason I'd like to at least have a strong idea on what I want to go in as now.
  11. You have the the advantage of the internet now - you can spend hours looking at all the role descriptors in the Army website and get a really good idea of what jobs sound good for you, then maybe talk to people on here who do/did the job - use that advantage, have a few jobs you'd like, in order of preference and pursue them.
  12. This would of been better as should I post and say what?
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