Should I have a SJAR?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by matt0584, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone can help me? My details are as follows;

    I came off the Pte - LCpl promotion board in October 2010.

    I was an acting LCpl from Nov/Dec 2010 until I became substantive in my rank in Jan 2011 after completing a PJNCO Cadre.

    I was then told by my two line managers (Sgt's) that I would receive my SJAR as a LCpl for my yearly reporting period. I didn't receive a MPAR (Mid-Year) appraisal.

    The LCpl's SJAR reporting period is 31 Mar.

    I have spoken to the RCMO who has said that I will not be receiving a SJAR as a Pte or LCpl for this year.

    Does anybody know if this is true and if not what should my next step be?
  2. Depends... When was your last report as a Pte?
  3. It was the one I got promoted off. My Pte's one in May 2010.
  4. at a guess - delayed LCpl report as at 31 June 2011 or later if authority from APC has been granted.


    It MAY be report from Jan 2011- 31 Mar 2012 with your time as a Pte detailed as 'unreported time' entirely possible. Spk to your CoC or RCMO.
  5. It sounds to me like you don't need one as your next report will be from the date of your promotion to sub rank (Jan 11) to the end of reporting year for LCpls (31 Mar 12). JSP 757, he say:

    Basically, if you pushed for an SJAR, it would be another Ptes report, recommending you for a promotion you already have, so it would be rather pointless.

    Surely it's better to concentrate your energies on getting an decent LCpls report now?
  6. From what you say you wouldn't have been in rank long enough to have a report as a LCpl in Mar this year so I assume you will get one next year covering the 15 month period. If there was any particular reason it's always possible to delay or advance a report (by up to 3 months either way) but I doubt that applies in your case (unless you are posted or going on a long course). No point in you getting a report as a Pte since now you have reached the dizzy heights of LCpl what you may have cleaned in the G1098 as a Pte is unlikely to have much bearing on your future meteoric rise to greatness. You could always ask the RCMO to explain if you have any questions - that what he's there for.

    If you feel disadvantaged by not having somebody tell you how you've preformed since last May then ........................ Well Done You! :)
  7. Thanks guys!

    I had no one explain that to me. I was just told that I wasn't getting one until Mar 12.

    I'm pushing to get my Corporal as soon as possible as I want my next posting to be to an ATR.

    Thanks again.
  8. Good luck for the future and don't be afraid to ask your CoC or the RCMO - you may not always like the answer that you receive but at least you will know the truth.
  9. Nice to see a happy ending for a change, and in only 8 posts.

    Isn't it complicated nowadays? Does anyone remember when you could get made up Monday morning, lose it say Wednesday, and get it back again two weeks on Friday? I suppose it's progress, but it doesn't sound much fun any more.
  10. I know, a helpful set of posts on arrse that hasn't been hijacked by never served no marks or idiots.

    It'll never catch on :)