should i go for dog handler or AAC(please can some one help)

i really enjoy working wid dogs but i also am thinkind of going in the AAC but iv heard all they do is wash and paint choppers. whats should i do?
sorry, just all seemed a bit text speak etc. there is nothing stopping you joining a corps, then after a few years aplying to become a dog handler. things may have changed over the years bit i had a mate (mid 90's) who transferred from the engineers to be a dog handler.
cheers mate . its just i want to be a dog handler my careers officer said it might not be posible so my dad keeps telling me to join the AAC but i dont want to be in a career and feel like im stuck. i got 76 on my barb so i av every thing open to me. and just cant choose a path
Pioneer! With a BARB score that high, the skies the limits with the Pioneer Corps!
Join the Engineers. Learn a trade, give it a few years and then if you still feel un-fullfilled see about doing a dog handlers course and transferring.
Tell your AFCO that you wish to join the RAVC as a Dog Trainer. You will be asked to attend a PSO board, probably at Melton but they run them at Aldershot as well. The PSO board is basically a job interview with the powers that be to decide if you are suited.

Be warned however that there are 10 applicants for every vacancy in the RAVC so you may well be up for a disappointment. As for those posters that suggested joining another Corps and then transferring to RAVC - this may be the route if you wish to be an E2 handler (attached arms who go on tour as dog handlers) but bear in mind that if you wish to transfer to the RAVC from another Regt or Corps you will still have to attend the PSO board.

Now may well be the right time to apply however, I believe the RAVC have just/are about to increase their establishment.

Good luck anyway!
If you want to work with both, take your dads advice, not only do they wash and baste them, they also learn how to prepare them Cantonese style.

Sound advice from Soldier why. If you are really into your dogs (no pun intended) then Melton (RAVC) is the place for you.

If you join another regt or corps and then apply to serve as a handler, then handle dogs is all that you will do.

However, if you are a RAVC trainer, then you will have a reasonably diverse career path, which will include op tours as a handler as well as training all the different classifications of dogs ie. patrol, arms explosive search, drugs detection, infantry patrol, tracker et al.

Be aware also that other regts and corps can see a dog handler tour as a good way to get shot of the scrotes.

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