Should I give up 6th form and join the army?

Currently in sixth form taking, English language, geog, classics and business studies;

I am really not enjoying it at all. My ambition is to join the military as an officer (2 para) but not sure whether I should just as a reg now.

I gained decent GCSE results: 2A 3B 3C

Some advice would be greatly appreciated;

If you're doing OK, suck it up and get on with it so that you have some A-levels - the Army will still be there in a year or two's time.
sod the army, get yourself over to Australia (geography and geology) and into mining, searching for minerals, average wage 130K (aus dollars) desperate for grads straight out of Uni.

Buddy of mine went from uni and stacking shelves in Asda, to earning more than i got a month in a few days.
No. Stay at school and get all the quals you can. As has been said before, the Army isn't going to go away. The days of being able to get in with no quals as I and a number of others on here did 30 odd years ago are history. And if it all goes wrong you will still have your academic stuff to fall back on.
I binned 6th form and joined up. Never regretted it. But each to their own. Nowadays people are looking for a degree on your CV even for a secretarial position, so quals will never be a bad thing.
Stay in edjumicaton. Get A levels, go to uni, get Army to sponsor you through uni. Join up in your early 20's as a ocifer.

Insert soldier at the end of the sentence above it's just the same. Or do you want carry on posting this thread until you get the answer you want to see and not bother taking anyone's advice?