Should I give up 6th form and join the army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by brokenspud, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Currently in sixth form taking, English language, geog, classics and business studies;

    I am really not enjoying it at all. My ambition is to join the military as an officer (2 para) but not sure whether I should just join as a reg now.

    I gained decent GCSE results: 2A 3B 3C

    Some advice would be greatly appreciated;
  2. "Proper Answer" - Stay in Education until they use a crow-bar to prise you out of it. If you leave now you will, at some stage, regret not having taken the opportunities open to you. Get some experience under your belt, travel or something. The Army can wait and you'll have a better chance at AOSB if you are a tad more mature.

    "NAAFI Answer" Jack tomorrow, Paras don't need to speel anyway.
  3. finish Vi form at least. Even A levels aren't enough to get you a job interview nowadays so if things don't work out with the army (for whatever reason, not necessarily up to you) a degree in something is pretty much a necessity if you want a decent job.
  4. If you sack off A Levels you wont be an officer, simple. Keep going. Go to university if the option is there for you. As mentioned above you will regret it if you leave now.
  5. Alright then, ill stick it out cheers for the advice
  6. In the mean time if you're stuck for something to do have a look at the Territorial Army locations nearest to you. They'll take you in (age dependant) and give you an idea of what the army is like.
  7. Never pass the oportunity for edumacation, that is all, unfortunatley only those that have passed it up can truly grasp this, and regreted it.
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  8. By all means quit school. It never did anyone any good, stacking blankets tones your upper body, and sorting mess tins builds character. Make your father proud and join the Army
  9. I'm in the ccf and do enjoy, plus my dad was in 2 para and really enjoyed it so I do know that I want to join up but I guess ill just have to stick out 2 more years then go off to uni.
  10. Stay in edjumicaton. Get A levels, go to uni, get Army to sponsor you through uni. Join up in your early 20's as a ocifer.
  11. Getting qualifications is the way forward tho - those certificates stay with you for the rest of your life, get shown at every job interview. They govern which job vacancies you can even look at.

    Have a look at Welbeck Defence 6th form college if yours is really doing your head in.
  12. GCSE.....2A, 3B, 3C.....crikey, have the Paras started recruiting numpties, now?

    Stay where you are, screw every thing that walks, if it can't walk, push it, then screw


    Imbibe vast quantities of foaming nut brown meths, lurk in the darkest corners of Ale

    Houses frequented by our finest, having prepared yourself for the inevitable.

    Give at least £1 to the Kids shouting "Penny for the Guy" then kick the shit out of

    every waster selling the 'Big Issue'...........then and only then, will you be ready, my son.
  13. hopefully ill be getting on with it in a month or too, been too busy athe moment being a lazy twat and living for the weekend haha
  14. Fixed that for you
  15. cheers for that? and whats wrong with 2A 3B 3C?