Should i give the TA another go or give up? 252 pro RMP (V)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by RMPWANNABE, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, i have been in the TA twice before, like 10 years ago, first time was as a medic everyone was over 45 and it was boring, second time was in the infantry and it was way to hard for me physically, i m looking for something inbetween, i even joined the regulars and hated ironing shirts and being told off for trivial matters, am i simply not suited to military life and should give up or should i give this RMP thing a go, what u think?

    I have a few other question if you wouldn 't mind considering them: -

    1. It says on the website that you need GCSE'S in english and math, i never got them but am a uni graduate with a 2:2 in sports science, will they be pricks and insist on the GCSE'S or let me slide considering my educational level.

    2. I never got my driving licence, having lived off the town all my life, can i get it through the TA.

    3. What kind of stuff can i expect to do at 252 provost coy RMP.

    4. How long will the training be in total i.e. basic and trade.

    5. Can i expect long hours of abuse if i join or a positive experience.

    Thanks for you taking the time to reply, i am thankful for your comments.
  2. changed my mind as this has got to be a windup 8O
  3. I'm sure your desmond in sports science could be counted towards a GCSE.
  4. Sorry fusilier50 100% for real.
  5. you were bored as a medic and found TA infantry too tough. i presume you tried something else as a reg? not a very committed individual are you?

    RMP's if i remember righty have to be tough enough mentally and physically to arrest troublesome infantry lads out on the pi ss? their training is also as robust as infantry. do you think you could do that?

    what makes you think it will be 4th time lucky?
  6. It s a fair point you make with regards to my commitment, all i ever wanted to do was serve my country, when i joined the regs they told me i would be doing door gunnery of a helo, then when i got to winchester they told me i would have to pump gas for 8-10 years, that was the main reason i left, i know what you mean about 4th time lucky, maybe you are right i should just forget it.
  7. Royal Engineers.

    They could also leave you with a trade when you leave.
  8. thats not what i said. i would take your time and be absolutely certain of what your doing rather than wasting yours and their time. look at whats on offer and do some research. dont rely on the recruiters to tell you whats involved.

    oh and you say its been 10 years since you were last in the TA. you will find it has changed dramatically since you were last in.
  9. If you don;'t like ironing, then the RMP will not really suit you. Unless you are good at fitting people up, in which case SIB will welcome you with open arms!
  11. Ok thanks for all the advise i think you are all right, i ve already got a better offer on the table teaching abroad, so i think i will just go with that and forget about it, from the sounds of most of these posts i dont think i would fit in anyways, and would get sick quickly, cheers to all for the time you took to reply to my post.
  12. 252 Parade tonight, between 1930 and 2130. Why not go along and speak to someone in person?

    Are you looking at newcastle or Stockton area?
  13. I was looking at stockton, but like i aleady siad before, i m not gonna bother, thanks for the reply.