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should I get a proper job?

engineer1 said:
Like most demented old ex-mil codger I have oftenn been stuck for something worthwile to do, you know, how to keep the braincells snapping at each-other.
I've tried it all; working, DIY and sporty things. I am bored again.
Now my missus has always said I 'had a book' in me and should give it a go. Write something.
Well I did. Often.
Only problem is that I was more eloquent, in my eyes, when I was writting XXX rated stuff, which many of my buddies have enjoyed, than anything I could actually show my wife!
Last night I had a go at a very short, non-erotic tale... very short.
You can read it in the attachment.
I would be very grateful for ANY feedback My wife loved it, as did my daughter, but I recon you guys will be the most strident and forthright critics I will ever find.
What do you think? Shoul I try to pen something longer, bigger, better or... should I get a proper job?
Thank you for your input.
Looking forward to your attachment! Yawn.
Hmmm....no attachment.

Stick with the writing for the time being, as anything requiring IT skills seems a bit doubtful at the mo...



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