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Should I enter this photo?

just wondering if the discerning members could advise as to whether I would be wasting my time in entering next years 'Countryfile' photo calender competition? To me it captures everything about the countryside and I have a 1 in 12 chance of winning one of the months. The crop in the mine field was captured at it's split second peak just as the prodder came up for a breather.

I think it just adds to the quality.


Open in MSPaint.exe and drag the corners, flipping the image if you need to.
Or right click the photo, select "Open with" and then MSOFFICE Picture Manager (If you have MSOFFICE) and then click "Edit pictures" then "Crop", sort your box out and click "OK".

Then, attach:


definitley, absolutley get the photo submitted but not just to country file to everyone. I mean "farmer and tractor weekly", "horse and hounds", "combine monthly" and "Which wheat and barley" mags there all gonna want it.
Chap appears to be wearing the wrong badge. After all, clearly an officer. Those teeth, the gigs, shape of the beret, all a dead give away. Fine looking Troopie.
Tartan_Terrier said:
What a vast expanse of whiteness. Can you edit your photo so it's only the photo and not the entire A4 scanner bed we can see.
As you can see, I think I just about managed it blindly with some programme called U-photo. Now I 'sort' of know what I'm doing,I shouldn't fook up again!

Thanks also Sparky!!

They are the original 'wire rimmed glasses' by the way..... Electric Det wire to be precise and no it's not me!!

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