Should i dump the girl??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kurt_ruby, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. hiya guys - appreciate your advice on this one. ive got basic training in feb/mar and its for about 9 months or so which i suppose is a rather a long time to be away from home.and me girl wants to stay with me - i dont know myself - what would you guys do? trust her for 9 months or let her go.(ps if it helps shes no minger) :) views very welcome!
  2. bin her
  3. I spent two and a half years in Cyprus without seeing my GF of the time but we never split up and later got married and were very happy for 27 years. If you don't think you can last 9 months (which seems to be a hell of a long training) give up now but it's a bit defeatist. I don't know why you should think you won't be able to gget home for 9 months.
  4. lets see her.
  5. If you can't trust her then whats the point?
  6. See how it goes after a while away - keep in touch by writing and phoning. You should get some leave after a few weeks. When you see her then see how things are between you. She may have dumped you by then for someone else, which may not be a bad thing at least you will know early on rather then when you went on tour
  7. Only you know your relationship, whether you really trust each other and can deal with being physically separated for any length of time, but I'd say give it a go and see how you get on maintaining your relationship during training. Saying that, if all you find you're doing is stressing about what she may or may not be getting up to or getting grief from her about what you may or may not be getting up to, then I'd say concentrate on your career.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Nope - if only to have the knowledge that you have a far greater chance of getting repeatedly laid once they let you out.

    We will of course require a picture to confirm this advice.
  9. Why bin her? Keep her. You dont have to be faithful to her but it is always good to have a back up. If she bins you, no great loss.
  10. Quite right - why dump her? Keep her for when you get back - saves having a wnak when you're on leave.

  11. It won't be a 9 month stint of not seeing her at all, and you will probably want some action on those leave weekends.
  12. exactly, you may not get weekends off straight away, but you will get more off later on. its a bit bad that you are thinking of this unless you have no feelings for her whatsoever.

    simple - if you like her, keep her and write her a few soppy (but truthful) letters/cards/phone calls etc.

    if not, let her down gently.

    as for the people saying two time her - thats up to you. i'm no angel and cheated a lot on my wife because i was a ********. i always noticed that the guys who didnt cheat were the switched on types - who would do anything for anyone.

    my point is that i'm now much older (36!!!) and very happily married (2nd time) - and i wouldnt dream of being with anyone else (though being a man i naturally look now and again!!!).

    if you are "right" for one another, neither of you would cheat. alternatively, who knows what they really want at 17, 18, 19???

    do what you wana do - but think about it deeply first.

  13. Presuming you are only young, and going by past experience,(married at 19 whilst serving coz of getting posted and not wanting to be apart)and then divorcing 10 years later coz we 'grew apart' I would say 'Bin her, enjoy yourself and later on in life if it was meant to be she'll still be around.
    Thats what my son did, he's gone to uni in manchester from London, split with long time girl friend so as 'not to hurt her' and still gets a shag when he comes home.
    Lifes to short and theres loads of squaddie lovin dirty cows out there to play with before settling down my humble, and for what its worth, good luck!

  14. Exactly

    a Good Soldier always has a reserve.

    take some linly pics of her before you start training

    they will be handy for self abuse

    and if she does do the dirt on you

    post them up

    its a win win situation
  15. dont leave her mate, if she realy loves you a couple of months waiting wont hurt her will it dude seriously keep her (Y) ... just sit her down and tell her how you feel about joining the army.