Should I ditch work to go to selection?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Gordinirob, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I applied to join the Engineers way back in October last year, after lots of frustration with my doctor losing my records, sending them to other places and general faffing around I've now finally had my interview to confirm my job choices.

    Unfortunately my selection date is the 26th July and I can't get the time off work; should I just ditch the day at work even though they know I've already asked for it off?
  2. Phone in sick.
  3. If I was in your shoes, and the Army was where my heart was at, i'd ditch work and go or quit and go if I thought I had a good chance of getting in
  4. depends how much you want to join the army personnally i'd just pull a sickie and c'est la vie
  5. Pull a sicky and I doubt they will grip you for it.

    If they do, it will probably be worth it - Again, depends on how much you want the Army.
  6. I've wanted to get in the army since I was coming up to my 16th birthday, but then my Dad told me to get a decent education first so I'd have something to fall back on.

    I think I'll just quit the job, it's only a crappy part-time one at tesco.
  7. don't burn the bridges behind you just yet...throw a sicky and make up for it afterwards just in case your selection fouls up. shitty job is better than no job...
  8. Transfer to ASDA
  9. i had a disciplinary hearing (having not shown up to the previous 2) on the same day as my 1st day of selection; of course i chose selection and ended up getting sacked for not showing. I've been unemployed since june 4th and I start basic training on august 12th. It's a long wait without money but the way i see it, with any luck ill be employed for the next 22 years, 2 months isnt so bad without a job, and it gives me all the time in the world to work on fitness.
  10. I've got cash saved up so I'm not that bothered about getting fired, I'm just in two minds about either quitting now (will have to give a weeks notice) or just waiting it out and phoning in sick.
  11. If you even have to THINK about this you can't want to join up that bad. Go to selection and if you get fired then so ****.

    Get some balls.
  12. i'd phone in sick you could have a long wait to basic training should you pass selection
  13. Gospel.
  14. i had £840 at the time so i figured sure, that'll last me 2 months... celebratory pissup + car insurance + pay off car ownership + fuel + tax + passport + kit for basic = one massive kick in the balls money wise!