Should i change recruiter?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by London_native, Aug 17, 2010.

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  1. Disco please close the thread.
  2. Are you wanting a relationship with your recruiter or something? Get a grip.
  3. If you're going to let some bitter passed-over staffy upset you then you're probably not cut out for the forces anyway.
  4. Recruiters are the face of the Army are they not? What organisation or employer would want potential employees feeling undervalued and disillusioned[spelling] before even employed?
  5. Ask to speak to the Office Manager/ Senior Recruiter.
  6. Thank you.
  7. Your next one..........................McDonalds.
  8. Recruiters are a portal into the army - nothing more - nothing less.

    Whilst recruiting is obviously important, sometimes it leads to soldiers in recruiting who would rather be somewhere else.

    I had a great time for my 23 years, but if I had to go recruiting - I would have left!!

    Wether your recruiter is enjoying his/her time or not is irrelevant, he/she is simply an entrance into the biggest family you will ever have.

    Persevere, because believe me, you WILL meet plenty of people along the way who are preoccupied with their own lives and will often appear disinterested in others - that's just life - take it on the chin.

    Now if recruiters were put on commision ......... ;-)
  9. Did him not being their hinder your collection of tickets? many time my recruiter was not in but i just asked one of the the other recruiters if i had any questions.
  10. Yeah i didn't get them and the recruiter i spoke to just fobbed me off because he clearly did not want to bother himself.
  11. Get used to it mate, my recruiter was almost 2 hours late.
    I sat in the office waiting there for an age.. when he finally arrived I didn't even get a sorry from him.. just got some shit off him actually.

    Just let it go over your head.
  12. Thats a joke, dont get me wrong im expecting to get messed around once in but in the recruiting stage is shocking.
  13. I know you feel pee'd off with the Recruiter, But the thing is He was actually in at some point (so its not as if he lied) to which your paths never crossed maybe you left it a little late and he had a prior engagement at some point of the day? Rest assured Its nothing personal! If I was yourself if your free tomorow get your self down there and have another crack!

    I know its frustrating, But your treated exactly how I was, and any other enlister(ing) person is/has been, therefore there wouldn't be any differential treatment.
  14. why not march down there, tell him that he is shit at his job, and ask him outside? his choice - swords or pistols.

    did you make a specific appointment with him, and he wasn't there? or did you say "i'll pop in tomorrow" and then rock up at 1629hrs?

    use a bit of initiative. "ability to get things done" and "determination" are two characteristics that will help you in your army career.

    alternative thinking: you were going to get your tickets for a "look at life"? perhaps this is the new, low-budget Army way of giving you a "look at life"? :)
  15. Firstly L_N you want to be careful slagging the whole of the ACIO where your from as seeing as you have mentioned which one it is in previous posts and also ADSC dates and interview dates you might rub them up the wrong way. Im sure that the Recruiter who you spoke with could be BOTHERED and if you had phoned up and booked an appointment twice (why twice by the way?????) then some one would of been expecting you and as Surfer says in most cases another recruiter will deal with you in your Recruiters absence.........remember each Recruiter has around 50 applicants at any time each and lots of other tasks.
    If you feel that you are getting messed about and that your Recruiter is deliberatly being an obstacle then speak with the Senior recruiter as Bootie suggested....however think before you cast accusations.
    Your Recruiter may of been on leave, appointments or other Recruiting activities and if you have just said that your nipping into pick the tickets up in the afternoon he isnt going to be hanging about on the off chance you turn up, if you have given him a specific time (still cant work out why you phoned him twice ...maybe you confused issues with your calls)
    Now I wasnt there and dont want to jump to the wrong conclusions but you saying you have been FAILED by your Recruiter is totally out of order as 75% of this process is up to you.........especially seeing your going through the process again and as CR says use your initative and show your determination, at present the Army can pick and choose the best and if you go off whining and dont put in that extra bit then sorry theres the door.

    And Skintboy were not all bitter and twisted past over staffys..........most of us have done our time and been in Recruiting a few times throughout our careers...and a lot are young SNCOs doing a E1 post to further their careers, you might get the odd rotten apple who doesnt want to be there but 99% of them love the job and put 100% in.