Should I change my recruiter?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Theralas, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone, just seeking a bit of advice (dangerous I know) off you guys.

    I am just wondering if i should change recruiters, because right now I feel like he is letting me down.

    Now I am in no means a perfect recruit, well the only thing letting me down is my fitness. I have been on the Pre-ADSC course 4 times, yes 4! While that in its self is bad, I have improved consistently. Yet, I feel my recruiter is not putting the effort in for me.

    After my first time he waited 2 months to contact me, because I had not been in touch and put me on another course. Ever since then, I have had to ring up every time after my Pre-ADSC and get myself booked on another course. However the times I have been trying to get booked on these courses my recruiter has not been in the AFCO except once. (Mainly due to leave).

    Is this usual practice, are recruits supposed to ring up to be booked on every course :?

    The last time I did Pre-ADSC I passed everything (Press-ups, sit-ups, icebreakers, group tasks etc.) and got a run time of 12.11, my recruiter told me to get under 12. Yet the person running the Pre-ADSC course passed me. When my recruiter come down to see how I did, he refused to see the report by the Pre-ADSC people.

    Asked me what my run time one was, told him I passed the course got 12.11, he told me not good enough knock 11 seconds off, see you in two weeks and then walked off.

    However every single other recruit who came back got a good feedback talk with the recruiter. Some of them, their recruiters were saying they were good enough for selection, even though they got worse times than me and are looking at more physically demanding jobs.

    Now I have rang up today and my recruiter was not in (again). Yet I asked the bloke on the desk when the next Pre-ADSC was and he said it was fully booked and I was not on it. Now, the Pre-ADSC course is earlier than usual (which is why I did not book myself a place). I feel really let down by my recruiter who i assumed would of booked me on the next course as my run time was so close. As a quick point no other person I have met in the AFCO or the Pre-ADSC courses have the same recruiter as me.

    If you managed to read through that, thank you, I understand that the Army is not easy and that a lot of it is on your own back. But I feel like im pushing a boulder up-hill on my own. If you think im just a whining and to get a grip, then tell me so.

    I am not bothered that I have to go Pre-ADSC again to get below 12 mins, its irritating but yes, I do not mind as I have to get 10.30 eventually anyway. What I am angry is the lack of help/work by my recruiter.
  2. The extra time to get fit can only help you later! The fitter you are the easier you'll find phase 1. Yes, to me it does sound like your recruiter is letting you down in some areas but I can also see the benefit (even if he's doing it unintentionally) of getting your run time down.

    A friend of mine went into the AFCO the same time as me back in 2003 when I joined, I passed everything first time and got into Training in a relatively short time. My friend got turned down no less than 12 times for his weight over around 14 months, told to go away and come back when he had lost X amount of weight. He didn't give up, in the end he nailed the phys lost the weight and now serves in an Airborne unit having passed P Company.

    The point I'm trying to make is put the effort in now and you'll reap the benefits later.

  3. Without wanting to sound callous , your recruiter cant do your run for you . I know this is a big thing for you , but look at it from his perspective , hes probably a busy guy. Balls in your court to improve.
  4. The first thing i would question is why it has taken you 4 attempts at Pre ADSC and yet you still arent under what is considered by many to be a time that would only just about scrape through ADSC, and by answering that i could probably understand that your recruiter is pushing ahead with candidates that are putting the effort in and getting through the process into training.

    What you need to remember here is that whilst we want recruits, despite what some people think we havent actually got a problem attracting them, we have a problem with people getting through the process for one reason or another, now which recruiter is more effective? one that is putting people through the system (bearing in mind he or she has targets to meet) or one that spends all their time nurturing and what i tend to think of as social working and possibly even mollycoddling trying to get people through that really should turn up when they are ready to pass.

    It is a sad fact of life that recruiters now are pressed into spending so much time trying to prepare people for selection and having to spend more and more time nurturing applicants who are capable of passing but dont put 100% effort into it.

    For what it is worth, you dont see the work involved that each recruiter has to do behind the scenes, and in fairness whilst you are just one recruit, many recruiters have at least 40 or 50 applicants on the go at one time, all of whom need attention, again who are they going to spend the time on?????

    Most offices are actually running flat out trying to not only process recruits in the office but they are also involved in outreach projects trying to maintain the interest on the street, couple that with their leave that they have to take and anything else it is little wonder that sometimes applicants can feel that their process is taking too long.

    So what makes you think changing your recruiter in the office is going to achieve, they are all part of a team in their and prioritise their applicants and will likely be aware of you.

    My message to you would be if you arent making the grade on the fitness, why should the tax payer be paying to send you on all these pre-adsc courses? get out there and train hard and then you will understand why your recruiter wants you to knock another 11 seconds off your run time, its the difference between being deferred for 3 months at ADSC for lack of fitness and passing first time.

    Personnally if you had failed a pre-ADSC at my office i would have deferred you until such time as you had worked on your fitness enough to pass it second time round, if you still werent up to scratch then i would have questioned your motivation and thought really hard about whether or not you have the potential to be a soldier, bearing in mind those that want it pass ;)

    And just to add, i had a lad who was 19 years old come into my office, massively overweight and who needed to lose 20kg before i would entertain his application, he immediately told me that he would be back in 4 months to which i replied good on you mate, i walked away thinking yeah right.....

    He came in 4 months later, i didnt recognise him, not only had he lost the weight but he had knocked 25kg off and had got his run time down to 12 mins, from 17!

    By the time he went to ADSC 9 months after i met him, he passed his run in under 10.30 and has since passed phase 1 training.

    Now he was in full time employment and managed it so what is your excuse????

    That is the sort of person we want, people who are motivated enough to get out there and do it, without whingeing.

    Sorry for the rant, been a long day dealing with people who seem to think that we owe them a living ;)

    Actually reading back on it and to make this sound a bit fairer, you would help yourself by mentioning what job you are going for an whether or not you are adult or junior entry, there is a big difference in the standard and a pre-ADSC does not score quite the same way, its used as a simple pre-attendance tool to give us an idea if you are capable of passing, but a pass on it does not mean that you are guaranteed to pass at ADSC as lots of other scores are combined to give a total, and that system is unique to ADSC ;)
  5. They most probably be busy mate, if your getting in the 11:30 region ask him to get you on ADSC,if your infantry and get above 11 mins they bang you on an intensive 3 week pre basic course where you will be doing fizz 4 times a week, i had a friend go on this was on 11:20 ish on ADSC passed out a few months back and was doing 9:30's by end of phase 1, ASk him about that.
  6. No, don't change your recruiter; change your attitude.

    The Army has already put you on 4 courses. Your recruiter has given you a target and you haven't achieved it. You are close, admittedly, but not close enough.

    If you want to join the Army, meet the requirements for entry. If you can't achieve the entry standards, how on earth will you meet the higher and more difficult standards later on?

  7. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback so far. For fivetodo Adult entry, RMP (though the wait is extremely long, or so i hear. Maybe why my recruiter wants my time down.) and Int Corps. my two choices.

    I think fivetodo hit the nail on the head for me. I agree fivetodo that I see a lot of people who sit down and have nice little chats with their recruiters. Mine has always been up-front and straight to the point and I respect him for that. Maybe its because i see them all getting mollycoddled that I feel I should have the same, but all things considered its better if my recruiter is, how he is.

    I may also add that the first time i went Pre-ADSC beginning of December i was border-line 18 stone, had a shocking run time. Now I am sitting at 15 stone, with alot more muscle and well you know my run time.

    Maybe that's why my recruiter waited so long :?

    About the going 4 times part. At my Pre-ADSC course, this is what the Sgt. and the team there encourage us to do. His words were 'If you are not good enough, then come back in two weeks time and get better and better.' I would not not of gone on these courses, if it was not like this. I would of waited till I was below the time and tried again.

    I agree that I do not see the whole picture, rightly so, I am not knocking what you guys do in an AFCO, not by a long shot. But if you saw some of the people on my Pre-ADSC courses, I think you would be shocked, a lot of them repeat offenders and I am usually near the front of the pack on these courses! Which is a shock even to me.

    I think truth be told, I was just angry that the Pre-ADSC people decided to pass me and my recruiter not, although I think i have miss-placed my anger, It should not be toward my recruiter or anyone else, but me if I had gotten those 11 seconds or even more, I would be happy as larry.

    Thank you, guys, I think I needed to be put in-line. I should not of vented my anger on here, but I am glad I did, I think I have new found respect for my recruiter and now its like to get my run time down to a decent time, Pre-ADSC or not.

    My attitude usually is not its everyone else fault blah blah. Think I have just had a moment of madness. I believe I have what it takes to be a soldier and I will not stop till they wont let me try anymore. I have the heart I just need the legs :x . Sorry if i come across as a kid who has not been allowed to get what he wants. Ill just crack on and hopefully get my time down.

    Edit: For spelling.
  8. Well done for reducing your weight to 15 stone. But the weight is not always the issue. I have friends and colleagues who must weigh as much, but they are either rugby players or on the Gun Team and training 5 times a week.

    Manage your diet and increase your training effort.

    Good Luck,

  9. Right now we have things in perspective and there is a much more honest approach to the post things are a bit clearer, again i apologise for my rant but having been in this job for a few years now i tend to stick by most recruiters who perform without doubt what is a thankless task, in fact most would prefer to be out on Operations ;)

    Dealing with the public is a difficult task in any line of work, dealing with a system that doesnt perform as quick as the recruiter would like is even worse and i hate to say it but the offices in terms of enquiries are often able to outstrip the supply of vacancies that we have for intakes.

    The RMP is a whole different kettle of fish and as part of the selection process you must first be accepted on criminal checks and security clearance in most cases, there is indeed a long wait and the fact that it is one of the smallest parts of the Army in terms of trained manpower, vacancies are a lot fewer, so take into account the fact that you need to have a BARB score of 60 (no other trade requires a score that high), you can see a pattern forming here, in a nutshell the RMP can afford to be extremely choosy ;)

    So i would guess without doubt that your recruiter wants to make sure that you turn up at ADSC and pass first time and snap up the first available vacancy, in the mean time his other applicants that are going for jobs that have imminent vacancies and can slip through ADSC with equivalent run times are going to get pushed along.

    It also has to be said that a recruiter who races an applicant through the selection process too quickly without giving you the chance to ensure you can pass well, is ultimately failing the applicant, we have in most cases to not only ensure the applicant progresses at their pace but also that we feed the system with quality applicants that have the potential to pass phase 1 training and not just ADSC, and that is what we are measured on and not how many we get through selection.

    As an EX PTI, prior to ending up in recruiting, my advice to you after looking at your run time on the first pre ADSC would have been to work to a specific training programme where you could measure your results and set realistic targets, asking you to keep coming back to try again is not only a waste of resources but a waste of your time if you arent training correctly.

    This is do see as a failing on the recruiters part, however there is always 3 sides to a story, yours, his and the truth and in fairness not all recruiters are going to be qualified to offer the same level of advice, one thing is certain though and that is that there is a fitness guide that is issued by the offices and is a proven guide for getting someone fit, the only thing that we cant add to it is your effort ;)

    Keep at it, get the distance on your feet, keep the calories down and set yourself a realistic and achievable target ;)
  10. bit of a grit and dtermination you could easily knock 30 seconds of that time