Should I cancel my ADSC due to injury?

I have my Selection on the 15th this month, however after recent run, I tripped on a root and think I've picked up a minor sprain to my knee. The problem is I dont know if I should just rest now for the 11 days I have left and hope I dont lose to much fitness and worse that my injury doesn't come back during the 1.5 miler or just call my recruiter and get it moved to another date.

So I guess the main answers I want are:
A) How much fitness will I lose in 2 weeks of inactivity (I was running my 1.5 Miler @ 9.20 Minutes previously and have been told I want a minimum of 10.30 Minutes to get a good grade).
B) Does anyone know/have any experiance with posponing their ADSC so close to the date and the repercussions.

Thanks in advance.
I'd say if your a fit lad in general, as in your not a lazy bast*rd 2 weeks off won't do you much harm but I would think if it is a minor sprain you should be fine in a week. just do slow steady running no intervals or anyting like that do that in a weeks time if you feel good go for it, if not there's nothing you can do about it you'll have to wait till your up to it.
What you going for? the sad truth is unless your infantry and i'm fairly sure most (from what i've read) training slots have been filled up until march/april so i'd wait out on it and get back to full fitness. It's selection so they are on every week so pushing it back a month or until early Jan would be a better option than getting a crap score or even at worst your knee giving in on the grenade test, team tasks, pt or the run. As a note i sprained my knee 5 weeks ago and it's only just got back to normal running so i've gone from a 9.52 mile and a half to a 10:40 and i start phase 1 in a week.
I'm going for the Royal Engineers, My job choice won't have any training spots available until april next year so you may have a point there. I've just spoke to my recruiter about it and he said that I'll likely get defferred medically because of it, which could be 3 Months+ doing a training prgramme to prove that it is stable. Which would be quite a setback as I'm so pumped to get to selection now :/

I think your right though, at the end of the day, providing I get a good grade when I do go to selection (even if its in 2-4 months time) I could still get in for April's intake, I guess?
Just remember mate unless it's a significant injury avoid going to your GP about it. (S)he will note it down, it's made official & then the SMO will be very thorough with regards to the injury & generally err on the side of caution (deferral).

There's being honest & there's being discreet. We all get minor injuries developing our physical fitness that concern us at the time but if it's something a bit of RICE can remedy then don't divulge it.

As already mentioned if you're a physically fit lad that's been training consistently then 2 weeks is trivial. If your knee will allow it switch to another form of CV work in the meantime (swimming).
I'm leaning towards postponing it. But it all depends on how long a deferral I could receieve for doing so, If I would get one at all. I won't be going to the doctor's about it, but have booked an appointment with a physio I know.

Does anyone know how long I could possible get deferred for changing the date due to injury? If at all?

Thanks for the great information so far guys.

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