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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by afkahappybunny, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if the Joining TA thread is the right place for this, but here goes...

    Done ADSC, just started into CMSR, can't foresee any dramas with getting through that, but starting to get a bit disheartened at the low morale, attendance, and general standards in the unit I'm (potentially) joining

    Drill nights are a shambles, for the most part resembling a youth club being run by adults who like to shout, but have got used to just being ignored, there has been ONE parade in the last 3 months where standards of dress has been inspected, organisation for large events seems to get crammed into the last few days before its due to go off - for most people its a case of sign in, bimble around, then countdown until the bar opens

    Can't remember the last time I witnessed somebody addressing an NCO by their rank, officers barely get a nodded greeting

    Looking back into the sands of time, there was more discipline and organistion in my sisters girl guide troop - so the question is, should I

    A) stick with it, get through CMSR/CIC and see if I can start to make a difference once I reach the astonishing heights of private and have a little more credibility?

    B) f*ck off and join the Girl Guides to prove my theory?

    C) get through CMSR/CIC and then transfer out to a more professional unit?

    D) shut up and hope it improves before someone further up the CoC sees how much of a shamble the unit is and disbands it

    Or is it just me expecting too much? Option C) is looking good to me at the moment, anyone recommend a good unit within easy driving distance of Basingstoke?
  2. Jeezus,

    name & Shame that unit. It comes to something when recruits complain about lax standards.
    I for one am outraged :x
  3. Can I be outraged too?
  4. Is it all that bad? Drill nights are often a waste of time in many units; what are the exercises like? Try to get a full perspective first. If they are a bag of shit, then get what you can out of them then jack them in. If you spend too long around crap soldiers you may well end up picking up bad habits yourself. But if they're offering something useful to you, like the CIC, then do that first; every little helps.

    Where in the country is this place?
  5. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Well Option C depends on whether you are attending CIC or CMSR. If, like your second paragraph suggests, it is CMSR and you the want to transfer to an Infantry unit, they will make you do CIC as well. If that is the case (transfering from Corps to Infantry) you might as well jump now.

    Infantry-wise the nearest unit to you is A Coy, 3 PWRR in Farnham and Camberly. If this is actually your present unit, then an alternative is HQ Coy, 7 RIFLES in Reading. There are Corps units in the area too, but not sure who or where. You can have a look here: TA near you but it's incomplete as I'm pretty sure there's at least a Signals unit at Reading too.

    Good luck!
  6. Nowing some of the people at A Coy, I doubt very much thats his current unit. If it is then then feel free to name and shame. Whoever it is deserves it.

    If its already hacking you off then jump ship. You can always inform the new lot you go to why you left the last lot.
  7. A Coy 3 PWRR have some very god blokes, I'd be surprised if it was them.
  8. So he's in 3PWRR! I heard Budda had joined an RLC Tpt unit