Should I bother.........

Not sure if the Joining TA thread is the right place for this, but here goes...

Done ADSC, just started into CMSR, can't foresee any dramas with getting through that, but starting to get a bit disheartened at the low morale, attendance, and general standards in the unit I'm (potentially) joining

Drill nights are a shambles, for the most part resembling a youth club being run by adults who like to shout, but have got used to just being ignored, there has been ONE parade in the last 3 months where standards of dress has been inspected, organisation for large events seems to get crammed into the last few days before its due to go off - for most people its a case of sign in, bimble around, then countdown until the bar opens

Can't remember the last time I witnessed somebody addressing an NCO by their rank, officers barely get a nodded greeting

Looking back into the sands of time, there was more discipline and organistion in my sisters girl guide troop - so the question is, should I

A) stick with it, get through CMSR/CIC and see if I can start to make a difference once I reach the astonishing heights of private and have a little more credibility?

B) f*ck off and join the Girl Guides to prove my theory?

C) get through CMSR/CIC and then transfer out to a more professional unit?

D) shut up and hope it improves before someone further up the CoC sees how much of a shamble the unit is and disbands it

Or is it just me expecting too much? Option C) is looking good to me at the moment, anyone recommend a good unit within easy driving distance of Basingstoke?
Similar situations across the UK. Can suggest recruiting people who you know and think might enjoy it. Then together you can change things. Also, go in and act like a solider. Address the seniors and officers correctly, keep your standards high and hopefully others will follow suit. Try talking to the PSAO or OC and tell him where you think things need improving. Might get thrown out for being a gobby little sh1t, but on the other hand they may sit up and take notice.

Stick with it until you can go on a Tour.


I got similar impressions when I went to "look round" my local unit last tuesday.
I didn't really have a clue what was going on or what the routine on a tuesday is supposed to be of course, but there were guys who didnt turn up in uniform and then said to each other "I dont do PT, im not sticking round" which I kinda raised my eyebrow at but as I say I don't really know what the routine or meant-to-be-doings are on a tuesday.
The one thing that really pissed me off was that the recruiting officer I was supposed to see was not there, and I ended up having a talk from two different people who were obvioiusly pissed off they were having to do a recruiting talk to me the 3 other guys there. They basically read off a piece of paper and told us to get going - without showing us round.
So maybe it is like that all round the UK then, but even from my point of view (as a guy that hasnt even applied yet) I think chilipepper has some good adice by the look of it.

Edit: balls, sorry for posting in this topic - I didnt see he had posted it twice.
I transferred from a Gunner OP unit to an Infantry unit when I moved city many, many moons ago. The new unit was in pretty bad shape with a lot of the symptoms that you described. Then we got a new OC, within a short time the unit was professional and getting compliments from Regulars.

You could find out when a turnover is likely and perhaps wait out the situation, if it is not likely soon look for a transfer, and if they ask tell them why straight, you may not be popular but they might start to think.

The problems stem from the top, lazy/incompetant bosses, (like to boast at the Rotary club that they are TA officers), but also the PSIs who should be taking a grip. Some PSIs like a skive for a couple of years, some see the state of things and drift till it's time to go and then criticize the TA as worthless when they did nothing about it. The keen soldier gets stifled by these people unfortunately.

Alternatively you could start to set as high a standard as possible, keeping your mouth well shut, and when you get some rank try to change things, but it is not easy when you see what is going on.

I waited it out and we never looked back, then Tony the Barstard Traitor, disbanded it after I left.

Whatever you do, good luck to you.
come to 7 rifles.sorry,dont know where basingstoke is but the t.a. centre sounds shit.dont pack it in,find somewhere better.

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