Should I be sympathetic towards a dobber who fell off his bike?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. At the weekend someone in our area fell off their motorbike whilst doing a Wheely on a footpath and was not wearing a helmet.

    Sons partner, (a Scouse Grief Monkey) is distraught and keeps posting on Facebook wishing the dobber well.

    SWMBO agreed when I said, its his own fault, no helmet, riding on footpath and doing a wheely, showing off, bet he aint got not tax or insursance either, good riddance!! and so did daughter who was with us at the time.

    She then said what would you do if it was our son? well obviously I'd be upset, but, I'd still be angry if he wasn't wearing a helmet doing a wheelie on a footpath. This did not go down so well, aparently I cannot compare a Dobber Chav with family.

    Moves to back of kennel (shed) licking paw (checks fridge still working!)
  2. Post a link to the facebook page ?
  3. Absolutely should, however, point and snigger every time he drools, barks or shits himself so he realises what an absolute knob he looks matter HOW cool he thought he looked at the time!!
  4. Thus speaks the caring gender.
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  5. No you shouldn't, no one asked him to or told him him to, it's his own fault.....Darwin at work?
  6. Its obvious that you're going to post the FB link and are just waiting for enough begging requests.

    Post the fucker, lets Share the Lurve.
  7. Self-inflicted wound = no sympathy, even for kin. Life's a learning process, and by the time they can get access to a motorbike they should have a grasp of the consequences of fucking-up.
  8. Fuck off, I work for the NHS! I stop caring about stuff the minute I walk out of the front door!!
  9. Every time you see the chap kick him in his head so he relives the experience, If you have a moral compass and need justification for it, then just thgink to yourself what could have happened if a young child or old lady was on that pavement. Cunts a danger to others not just himself.

    Any other extension than it serves him right for being a tool and trying to big himself up in front of his mates.

    Im assuming your son is much more intelligent that the bike riding scroatbag so therefore there is a definative difference. As for his partner tell here to get a life she isn't in south central LA and Facebook get well soon innit /R.I.P babez pages are more tackier than a blue tack factory.

    Oh aye and facebook link please just so I can stand back and laugh at Darwin trying to pull a fast one
  10. Darwinism.
  11. boo fucking hoo its just a shame he didn't gob off to some hell angels while on his scooter and get gangfucked in the club house he was invited to under the premis of being made a prospect

    as never ever happened to one chav that doesn't live on a south london estate and didn't turn up not thinking he was hard as nails, and isn't alledgly regularly seen buying tampons for his ass
  12. Darwin at work, nothing more, nothing less. Let the grief monkey grieve and wail that it's anyone elses fault (council for putting a pavement there, the bike manufacturers for not providing stabilisers, helmet manufacturers for failing to ensure that her idiot was wearing it)

    No matter what the level of FAIL!! someone else will always be to blame since we're living in the "No Win No Fee Claim for everything" era. No sense of personal responsibility exists in the majority of the youth of today
  13. FUCK every cunt off your facebook that gets on your tits.

    Its what I did with cousins, wives of, girlfriends of etc

    They get a shirty on and at the next social gathering they front you up and ask why you don't have them on your facebook.

    You reply. "Because I loathe you and your pointless fucking life, why do I need know about it on a daily fucking business"

    This normally stops the issue and (as experienced this year) wards of those shit extended family weddings you get invited to
  14. Fully agree with you on that one, I was having trouble typing due to laughter at the thought of all those who are actually upset about the incident, obviously none from this site I'm pleased to say.
  15. Oh Goody an appreciative Caring sharing crowd.

    I believe he is still dribbling at the moment, with a BFO bandage on his head.

    I will check if there is a Grieving Crying FB Page and if so I think it only fair I share it