Should I be shitting bricks?

After being dicked around for dates for courses I walked away from the TA over a year ago, and have recently got a shitogram from the TQ for my kit, threatening legal action unless it is returned

BIG problem here is that I have split from my partner in the meantime, and I know she has got rid of all my gear except for the pair of boots I had in my office at work (size 9m, beautifully shiney, never worn), and the stuff that was left in lockers at TAC

She will have no problem with giving up my new address details, so do I head back to the TAC and throw myself at the TQ's feet and beg forgiveness, or head for the hills?
Of all the things I wish I'd kept :)

Guessing as there have been no doom and gloom posts I am in no immediate danger of having a swarm of monkey filled rovers tearing up my garden path anytime soon
Just ring the TQ up and say:

"Are you taking the ******* piss? I handed all my kit in a year ago, you need to sort your paperwork out"

It's a bit shabby it's taken a year to follow you.

Remember, they can't make you pregnant, but it doesn't stop them ******* you.
I have been faced with a similar problem in the past, give your cqms et al a call and explain that some psycho hose beast has disposed of your kit etc and that there is no way you can now do anything about it. Fingers crossed they will be sympathetic seeing as you have actually contacted them with a reasonable explanation as to why you havent handed it in to date


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If your Ex has disposed of the kit and equipment without your permission (i.e. 'I am hereby notifying you that you have X amount of days to remove your belongings or they will be removed for you etc.'), then surely this constitutes theft? If this is the case; notify plod, receive incident number, relay this to unit, slope shoulders.

Perhaps one of the more legally-aware members here could give you a steer. Be advised, I witnessed a phone conversation from one young chap who rang up his old TA unit in a mist of confusion and ire when he was turned down for a mortgage, seemingly linked to the non-return of kit and equipment when he decided to pop smoke three years previously. The RQMS verified that this had indeed resulted in a credit black mark and that it was his "tough shit sonny". His bad.
get on flea bay, go to army sup shop, buy what your missing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
take to tac, get 1033 back, keep safe 1033, bobs your uncle
Ask for a copy of your 1157 in regard to what the actually want back. Pound to a penny if you go in with a wallet full of cash, yer out of pocket more than what you can scrounge together, from online sources weekend markets and surplus stores.
Now if you happen to have pics of your ex in compromising poses, wearing some of your uniform then there is a pigboard in here somewhere.
Depends what kit you have issued. Unit may have issued you webbing etc. In the first instance contact the TQ explain what has happened, see what he says. He may take a statement and pass it up and it will be written off. On the other hand, he may decide that as you are traceable he will follow it through. I once tracked someone down who worked in a hospital, MOD Plod had my case file and gave him a visit at work. So best at least talk to him.
The way I see it is it all depends what you owe them.

If it's clothing (ie: anything that made contact with skin) then they shouldn't be asking for it back. If, however, it's it's of the cemo/cefo variety then if you can't hand it back you'll just be billed for it. As has been said, eBay is your friend if you're that concerned but knowing what bits are worth you could very well end up out of pocket if you bought it all yourself. I prefer the grass the bitch in, spark up a fag and sup on a cocktail of your chosing. Safe in the knowledge that not only have you solved your kit worries, you have stuck the foot in with your ex. Continue to sit back and polish your allready heavily Teflon coated shoulders.

This is why my gaff holds all expensive kit in the stores till we need it.

From a plod point of view, if I was faced with this, here is what I would advise. Report it to the police initially as a theft. As an investigating officer, I would not crime this as a theft initially, not in a month of Sundays. Although she couldn't claim the kit was hers, police are still reluctant to involve themselves in what is to all intents and purposes a domestic/civil situation. However, as the officer investigating, I would contact the lady in question, preferably in person (so much more effective) and ask her some relevant questions. If I could establish a reasonable suspicion she had the kit, I would offer her the option of
(a) Handing it back immediately (in my presence)Job done.
(b) Arrest her on suspicion of theft and carry out a Sec 32 PACE search for the outstanding kit.

Bear in mind 'reasonable suspicion' A number of factors could apply. You would be struggling with the mere fact of one word against another. It's worth bearing in mind though, that if the police are unable to recover the kit, make sure you have a police log number, confirming you reported the matter to OB. You can then present this to the TA, stating you reported it as a theft. What the police did with it after that is not your concern. You have reported the matter and covered yourself. If the TA need to speak to the police in connection with this matter, and I was the bobby concerned, I would be quite happy to say the matter was reported, but the investigation was closed due to sufficient lack of evidence. That does not mean the offence was not committed, it means there was insufficient evidence to substantiate any allegation In other words, you have acted in good faith, it was not a malicious report (i am assuming it wasn't!!) and that should suffice.
By the way, do you have any evidence it WAS her? A letter in which she mentions it for example, a text, anything? That would strengthen your case to say the least!
Hope this helps

First off, get a copy of your 1157 with the list of outstanding Items and costs. They should have prepared a bill quoting clothing -50% +17.5% VAT & equipment -25% +17.5% VAT. Minor clothing Items like T shirts, towels, socks etc ignore. Any big value items, gore tex, bergen. Compare cost against second hand, ebay etc and try and get your bill under the £100 barrier. You may get the rest written off, but most of all be upfront with them, let them know situation. We are all in the same boat cutting costs and a big one for TA is getting kit back. Hope this helps
After being dicked around for dates for courses I walked away from the TA over a year ago,. . .
Even though this isn't the NAAFI . . . A few words come to mind . .

Bad admin

'walked away' and didn't bother to hand you kit in? Man up, call the TQ, explain your inadequacies and accept the inevitable (-££££)
Couple of points

1. A year is about right for them to ask for kit back (three letters have to be sent before we can get rid of you one every three months)
2. Yes we have a right to ask for your kit back or send you a bill for it.
3. Untill you hand your kit back, your Regt cant remove you from your PID so you are holding up a place for someone else.

Messed about for courses?? Was that because they couldnt get you on the courses you wanted on the dates you wanted??
Other wheels turn, the TA is not all about you!!!

I am sick of people whining when they dont actually understand the process!!!! Hand your kit back or pay the Bill!!!!
Sod all this eBay shit or buying it from DuBoras or getting your cheque book out or crying to the TQMS.

Do like Dinger says, phone them up and tell them you left it in a bergan on the counter in the stores last year; not your fault the lazy stacking c-unt was taking a smoke break and some other thieving c-unt must have walked away with it while his back was turned.

Job jobbed.
Tried that one with my lot unfortunatly it didn't work out very well.
So now the PSAO and I are at loggerhead over "you owe me kit" and "you owe me £150 pay" which is a grand shame as it has really soured nearly 3 years of a great experiance wit the TA

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