Should I be put to death?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Worthing_Witch, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Well the question is whether I should be put to death, in effigy, here on ARRSE.

    For some time now, I have made pretty pathetic threats against site Moderators, threatening to get SB, MI5, SIS and the Port and Harbour Authority involved. Why? Because my PERSEC has been exposed or something by this site, which amuses itself with its lack of moderation and allows its Chief Senior Moderator, PartTimePongo aided and abetted by Flash and Gunny and MDN and others to ruin my life.

    No longer. The clock is ticking!! In less than 20 hours and 12 minutes I'm going to do something really stupid which I will regret for the rest of my dull, pointless life. I don't know what it is yet, because I make this same threat every few months or so. When I do whatever it is that I'm threatening to do, you'll know all about because I spend my whole life on here, when I'm not 'Daring to Excel' and writing posts to myself about topics ripped off from here.

    I'll be here watching in one of my 20 or so different identities. As each one is banned/booted I simply come back again and again because I can't understand why I'm not wanted here. I invented the internet and ARRSE and I'm nothing without them. That's why I make up implausible claims like 'I slept with General Sir Michael Walker's nephew' and then get his name wrong! I also fantasise about socialising with VIPs from the Gulf States. A lot.

    In fact, I entertain many fantasises, but the worst is that somehow, secretly, I'm wanted by this site and by god - am I wrong!
  2. what are you trying to say here? - in english please without all the crap

  3. FOAD
  4. Has any one actually been on Dare to Excel?

    What a load of pump.

    You can adopt a sniper.

    and read lots of posts by Foxy.

    Which is a bit like coming on ARRSE most of the time!!!!!

    What is actually wrong with this weirdo? And what has anyone done on this site to her, if anything?
  5. If you were in the US, I'd say:

    Take a gun, put in mouth, and pull the trigger.
  6. why waste the ammo? - just tie a length of rope in a noose, tie the other end round a suitable object such as a lamppost, put noose around your head and hang yourself :twisted:
  7. Fecking hell, we really do attract them don't we!

    The answer is yes, feck off and die biatch
  8. Surely thats not our own Foxy? Filbert wouldn't, would he?
  9. God no don't hang yourself either.

    Do us a favour go some where far far away (another Country) and do it make sure you leave a coherent suicide note (you may have a problem with that one) That way you won't be wasting Police time on a sudden death.

    Although lets be honest guys even as a pish take copying is a form of flattery, which is just pandering to the fruitbat and its multiple disorder(s).

    Although I have to say I do wonder how many names it currently has on ARRSE, witch hunt anyone?

    Editing to by pass the ruddy censorship!! 8O
  10. Hey! How did my name gets banded around like this? You said earlier this month a crate of beer to anyone who outs others and me on here, I was outted, so where's my fcuking beer?

    I'm willing for the sake of all ARRSE'ers to come to their rescue and batter your backdoors in till they are black and blue through multiple penetrations. You need to release all that aggression and frustration and I'm yer man!

    And if you are thinking of suicide, can I have your car?
  11. why did i click on this thread just fcuk will you it's not difficult
  12. BB, and all of your other personalities, If you keep coming back after you know your not wanted, for reasons that have been stated over and over, then it proves you really are stupid.

    Go get a life and stop being a ignorant troll
  13. Can I do a Meatloaf impression here?

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    However, do not not think of even trying to kiss me.
  14. If BB ever decides to follow this train of thought might I suggest a BBQ in her back garden to allow a Grand ARRSE gathering to witness 'whatever' whatever it is?

    She can plan the event for her Giro day, buy in the beers and food, and leave everything ready. no need to worry about the mess, she'll have done 'whatever' whatever it is!

    Dale can bring her music to which we can all sing along, Dozy can do the splits and cartwheels (HONESTLY SHE CAN!), Viro can wear his ARRSE tie, others can decide and make suggestions as to who, where, why and what they will contribute when we know 'whatever' whatever actually is.

    We can have a real festive feel to the whole event :)

    Well what do you think? Should BB host an ARRSE bash for her 'whatever' I think it's an excellent idea!

    But keep flash away from her corpse if her 'whatever' is fatal! He's said it so often I'm beginning to believe she really would have to be dead before he'd attempt to bore a whole in her with his man drill........

    Beebs ;)
  15. Beebs, these hormones of yours, occasionally they have their moments - that is inspired! :D