Should I ask to be given more time..?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jamibat, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone think I should ask to be defferred/given more time to prepare for pre-selection which is infact tomorrow ? (Or is it too late to ask for that..?), I struggle to do the 1.5mile under 12:45, showing how unfit. I'm not sure I'd be able to pass the powerbag lift etc, any advice? Quicker the better please.
  2. That's a bit like going for a job as, say, a mechanic.

    'So, Mr Jamibat, you have all the relevant qualifications for the job?'

    'Well, if you give me time to go to college and get them, yes.'

    You won't get to selection if your time is that tragic anyway.
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  3. What is all this "selection" malarky anyway? In my day you turned up, did what you was asked to do, if you passed, you got your uniform and training started.

    All you are being asked to do is a set of bare minimum tasks/tests, nothing special, nothing you should not be able to do as a matter of course.

    To me "selection" involves Pen Y Fan, Lympstone, P Coy or a gay bar in Holne!
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  4. Out of interest, how long have you known your date for selection?
  5. Yes but in your day Chieftain was a rank.........bla bla bla blah

    You are correct in saying its just to assess his standards and minimum standards etc.

    Its a PSB, its to see what levels you are at and enables your recruiter to assess what you need to do, once they see that your fitness is poor they can nurture you better. Go on it put 100% in and then your Recruiter SHOULD be able to work out whats required, then work hard to address those areas. I've had applicants who have taken from a few months to three years to get to the right standards required, as said always try your hardest and always show willingness to improve.
  6. 3 bloody years christ
  7. Having the minerals to turn up is a good start - so go for it and do what you can and the areas you need to improve on will become clear.
  8. I dont want to sound harsh but IMPO i dont think you diserved the place on ADSC as it sounds like you have failed to prepare.
    Your run time in at the cut off point and your saying your strength isnt good enough to do static lift. So seems to me you havent bothered to train which is not the mind set that the army is looking for. If you do go and actually pass you will probs be on a low grade which gives you time to actually get some training in for basic and if you fail same thing get TRAINING
    If you struggle to get ADSC reguirements basic will destroy you.
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  9. No need to dig up old threads to add your out of date comments.

    Trolling leads to infractions.
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