Should I apologise

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mushroom, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. I was recently on exercise with the Spams and I saw some chap with a badge with a tree emblem on his arm. I asked him what unit it represented and he very proudly told me it was The Tennessee tree. I expressed surprise that the state of Tennessee had only one tree and the young Forest Gump to whom I was talking replied that they had many trees in Tennessee but that this was their favourite one. I knew what he meant but I couldn't help asking him if he stroked it and fed it sandwiches like I used to do with my favourite ferret.

    Point is should I apologise to young Forest, and the Tennessee National Guard for taking the mickeyabout their tree or should I think any race that tries to make me eat grits for breakfast deserve everything they get.
  2. Absolutely not! Spam-baiting is akin to the pranks one plays on the strange, slightly smelly family members one only ever meets at weddings, Christenings and funerals - it's only ever done in good humour with no malicious intent. In addition, young Forest probably didn't even realise that you were taking the pish, so to apologise would only cause him embarrassment for failing to grasp the irony. ("Hey, is that near eye-rack?") :D
  3. Agree with you DB.

    Americans aren't real people, like you or I, so different rules apply.

    If you say, dressed you dog up as a clown for a picture, obviously you'd say sorry and get them a bone.

    Americans have little in the way of advanced humour, hence the "laughter line" on their shows. This tells them when to laugh. Many is the time I've watched "friends" in silence while the TV tries to get me to laugh!!!

    They are so backward, they even need people to tell them when to chear at sports events!!!!

    As has been mentioned to apologise would only cause embarresment. Least said soonest mendest.
  4. I believe you should apologise if only to point out how thick he actually is and to introduce him to the British sense of humour.

    It's your God given right to cause thick Americans humiliation, but is it fun if they really never know?

    Beebs :)
  5. Ah reminds me of the lovely young spam girl i me and smoojalooge met on telic. When asking what one of her badges meant she said it meant she was a specialist. When we asked what she specialised in, she said she didnt know, ignoring the fact that she had MP in 6 inch letters on her arm.
  6. What kind of insensitive person are you? I think you should apologise immediately.

    You obviously don’t relise this is 2005 not 2004 !!! Mocking the afflicted like this belittles those of differing abilities. Americans are human (nearly) they just fall into the category of having differing abilities.

    I bet you still call persons of limited height achievement ‘dwarves’ don’t you? Shame on you - every knows with the release of the remake of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory they should be known as ‘Oompahloompas’. As for those with cerebral palsy please refer to them as ‘spaceys’

    And finally get with the PC programme – mong !!
  7. When are you joining us out in the "real" world again Bull? Got your posting yet?
  8. check your PM's
  9. Don't apologise. Simply offer him your beret and a TRF in return for his new car, some automatic weapons, a crate of bourbon and all his savings.

    Should work.

  10. You 'Red Coats' should probably remember 'Old Hickory'
    from the Battle of New Orleans.

  11. If you have to bring it up Weatherman

    Yes, we torched the Whitehouse.

    Anyway the war of independance doesnt count that was The British vs The British
  12. Well 'Andy' does look more like one of your 'queens' at that.
  13. What, bloody Americans, have you been at Uncle Jesses moonshine again. Got yourself loaded now your gonna go shoot some racoons and sleep with cousin mary lou.

    YEE HAW to you to
  14. moonshine's good
    mary loo's good too
    whare's ma banjo jojo?