Should i amputate my knee...(from the neck down?)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Cait, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Medic!!!! Man down, man.....errr no wait bird down!!

    One for you online medical guru types...
    The last 4 months my training has increased for competition, everything has been going ok up until last week. Whilst doing a session on the tredmill i felt a burning sensation on the back of my left knee, it felt like someone was holding a lighter to it. You have those two tendon thingys behind your knee and its the inner one of those, it knacks.

    Its not enough to make me stop but its uncomfortable and i've convinced myself it's going to snap, hurtling my knee somewhere, and i dont have a spare one!! It's happening on each run now and afterwards it's quite tender.

    What is it? Whats causing it? How can any make it stop? Will i die from it? :D

    Any advice (relevant) would be much appreciated.

  2. Training in stilletoes whilst horny as hell is not the way forward.

    Jogging whilst jigging (ipod shuffling) to Nellie the elephant is likely to result in more serious injury.

    Thats not your knee, its your elbow, but keep trying

    Have some tubigrip and a couple of brufen and photocopy your tits on the way out
  3. Cheers Dr Doublechin, if i'd wanted advice from a Brian Blessed lookie likey i would have trumped in your general direction.

    I can forgive your anatomical errors.....when did you last see your knees?
  4. I had a the misfortune of suffering from a ruptured bakers cyst in the back of my knee about 6 months ago.

    Started with a tight, uncomfortable feeling in the back of my knee, eventually it burst and i was on crutches for 2 weeks as couldn't move my leg at all.

    I don't think thats what you've got though. Hope this helps. :)
  5. When you were knelt between them..... :D :D

    Sorry, was a serious thread, didn't mean to hijack it with sillyness.
  6. Hmmm righto it is either one of two things, however they are both so closely related without having a butchers at your knee with an MRI scan I woudn't know.

    My money is on you either having torn or sprained your MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament - which is the one on the inside) or having something called Pes Anserinus (also called Goose Foot!).

    To treat both you're looking at similar things. Ice treatment each day and after any activity, anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen, and ideally rest. If you can, get yourself to a sports physio, as if left or ignored both can worsen hugely!

    MCL details here
    Goose foot details here

    Failing that chop it off and compete in the special Olympics :-D
  7. You know the drills Cait

    You need R.I.C.E the more exercise
    I....Ice the injury
    C...compression, its tubigrip support stokcings for you
    E....Elevation....get your feet up

    Then off to the doctors/med centre/physio
  8. Cheers Flowers, i might actually have a chance of winning something if a did.... :D

    I think your right with the MCL thing, followed your link & read the full article and it seems to fit the very early stages.
    I was hoping it was just a niggle that was caused by running like a biff but its not just going to go away is it.

    I've got just over three weeks till the competiton, long enough for it to go away......if i do nothing between now & then. Can i afford to do that, i've got the bulk of my training done but three weeks out????

    I know the bigger picture, if i push it i could rupture the whole knee & be out longer........ Can anyone recomend some form of cardio exercise i can continue with??

    Physio booked.

    RICE it is then Polar :(
  9. I know that when you're fully fit and trained up you can take 2 weeks off and not really lose a lot of form, so I doubt one more week will make that much difference. However, one thing to think of is what happens if when you're competing and the old adrenalin is pumping round and you push yourself further than your injury can cope? That would end up in serious time out, and potential surgery (not that I am trying to scare you!). Physio should be able to tell you more, but essentially it is your call as no-one can actually stop you.

    I know it sounds queer but underwater running can work wonders. Depending on how painful, and or how good of a swimmer you are get yourself to chest deep water and run. It feels a bit slow motion and you can never get the Chariots of Fire tune out of your head. Once you've got the knack of it move out of your depth and run. It looks a bit like controlled drowning to be honest, think of it as an upright doggie paddle! Depending on your swimming pool, they may have some float belts like this one to help you not take in your bodyweight in chlorinated water!
  10. "get yourself to chest deep water and run"

    make sure you keep your torso upright though,leaning forward is cheating!
  11. I dislocated my knee a few years ago and fcuked up all the tendons etc. so sadly became very familiar with this. If you have suddenly increased your exercise rate you may well have strained or caused inflamation of the tendons or exposed an underlying weakness. Are you sure its not hamstring related? Is there any swelling or bruising under the skin?

    As it seems to be linked to the exercise you're doing I would suggest using RICE as described but also try and see a physio who is a sports injury specialist ( you often get them attached to good gyms)as the knee is an incredibly complex thing and if you get it wrong you can cause yourself serious issues later.

    If the injury is properly diagnosed and treated quickly you should be fine to get back into your training schedule gently but go for low impact things like swimming etc to take the weight off it initially. Depending on what they diagnose the physioterrorist may suggest using ultrasound to try and repair any tissue injury or some knind of support that you can wear. Also make sure you are stretching properly before exercise and after.

    Suggest you send us a pic of yourself touching your toes in front of the camera in the boinkerly bifters in order that we can give you a full diagnosis


    I would also suggest that you make sure your trainers have proper sorbothane type insoles to cushion some of the impact on your joints. It may also be that your running style is causing the problem or the support isnt sufficient from your trainers in which case go to a specialist running shop to get a pair fitted and take your old pair with you