Should he take Viper

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by oldarmymidwife, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. My son is currently at Harrogate. He is 17 yrs fit and well motivated. His goal is AACC and 29 Commando. He is talking about taking this new protein supplement Viper. He is as fit as a butchers dog and well sponsored by his staff. I have tried to encourage him away from supplements and do to it without, and achieve his best by diet alone. I have read posts on creatine etc and mostly its not recommended. Does anyone have info on this new supplement and should he take it. He is fit with virtually no body fat
  2. He doesnt need supplements. He should also be aware that creatine increases the risk of dehydration.

    Tell him to just eat a proper balanced diet.
  3. At 17 He shouldn't be fecking with his diet. The boy has nowhere near finished growing yet and tampering with protein shakes at such a young age may lead to him being a "lardy" in years to come.

    I don't think it'll kill him but then I'm not a doctor.

    Question his hetero manlyness and call him a fanny for having to resort to milk shakes instead of doing it the old fashioned way with blood sweat and tears. That should knock some sense into him!
  4. Its not really new and it is a Carbohydrate pre/post exercise drink not a protein drink. Personally I dont see the need for it in basic training though it may be of use on the AACC which is obviously a long way off.

    It may well be however that the instructors who encouraging him to use it are selling it on commision as the PTI's in my last unit, also a training depot were!
  5. Thank you thats what I think. He says its difficult to get a balanced diet at AFC(H). I think he worries as the permanent staff who represent 29 in his eyes are imense and he feels inadequate due to his lack of weight. I dont want him buggering up his kidneys with rubbish. He just wants to give himself the edge.

    I've just read your link. Scary- AACC is not so far off for him as he is just about to start his last term. It is a worry that people may be on commission however he cant make his money last so he'd probably manage to buy one lot and then run out of funds. He's a good lad and is down the gym most evenings. So much so his platoon take the piss out of him saying they reckon he's on gym points. He should get a free holiday soon.
  6. When will people realise you don't have to be Mr Massive to be a fit soldier.

    Fair play it can look physically impressive and can assist in some things. However being a skinny racing snake never caused me any problems and I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I struggled physically... None of them occasions involved shifting weight by any other means than on my back and were mostly down to cardio endurance fade whilst on exercise/tour.
  7. He's home on leave this on Friday and I'm going to show him your replies to shake him up and get him to take notice. Racing snake wins the day.
  8. A load of fuss about nothing. Its just some carbohydrate and electrolytes in a powder form to be added to water for a bit of extra energy during/after exertion. To put it simply, it's powder for making your own lucozade.
    There's no creatine in it. There's no protein in it.
    If he's got the money, why the hell not?
  9. I was going to say from what I remember, all viper is is salt (in the form to electrolytes) to aid in hydration and glucose.

    I would concur with this quote. If he feels like he's struggling why not, but it won't be a magic bullet to recovery (especially if he just needs to eat more or drink more).
  10. Like others have pointed out, it's really just Lucozade powder, with a bigger price tage on it. Tel him to get down to JJB and buy a tub of make your Lucozade, it does the same thing but he won't be breaking the bank at the same time.
  11. There's probably a recipe for cheap and effective post-exercise carb loading on the web - something like 16 teaspoons of sugar a quarter of a teaspoon of pottasium "lo-salt" and a squirt of lemon.
  12. fact, come to think of it, remember the thing on what Kenyan elite distance runners use - gallons of really sweet tea.
  13. probably something in that cos a lot of these "performance" drinks have loads of sugar and caffeine in. And remember how much a brew with 8 sugars in perked you up on a long exercise...?