Should he come?



In the face of the inevitable protests, should President Bush visit, what useful purpose would his visit serve?

Security tension over Bush visit

Protesters want to march through central London
George Bush's three-day visit to London next week is prompting tension between US security agents and Ken Livingstone.
American officials are demanding an exclusion zone round the president, while the London mayor wants to keep the city as "open as possible".

Police are planning a £4m security operation to cope with an estimated 100,000 anti-war protesters.

Scotland Yard says it will facilitate lawful demonstrations, but campaigners suspect they will not be allowed to march through Whitehall, Parliament Square or the Mall.

Road closures will not be revealed until the last minute for security reasons, say police.

However Mr Livingstone dismissed any notion that wide swathes of central London would be closed.

"The ideas of some American security advisers that perhaps we should shut the whole of central London for three days, ignoring the economic consequences of that, I don't think that's got a chance at all," he said.

Mr Livingstone said the fact no prime minister had been assassinated in nearly two centuries showed the British had always had good security.

It will be Mr Bush's first visit to London since July 2001, which was met with some protest but little disruption.

But in the wake of the 11 September terror attacks and large demonstrations in London against the war in Iraq, police are facing a huge security operation.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North and a Stop the War activist, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We've had long discussions with the police and one gets the feeling that there is a bigger hand somewhere that is trying to prevent a march going along Whitehall and past Parliament Square.

Disruption 'kept to a minimum'

"The Americans are actually running the security operation in London as well... I'm getting a bit alarmed about the degree of invasion of our capital by the Americans.

"The idea of closing off large parts of London to ensure that President Bush is taken well away from any protests or demonstrators seems a little insensitive and an enormous inconvenience to an awful lot of people."

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens said: "Because of the security implications we won't be announcing the road closures until the last minute.

"We will keep those to a minimum, we must make sure London continues to operate as normally as possible."


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Emphatically - YES :!: :!: :!:

The whole point of our type of democracy is that people have the right to protest, say what they wish(and face any consequences).

Bush should come, say his bit. The protestors should protest (but that does not give them the right to do whatever they want - everyone else has rights also), the country should go on as usuual.

If Bush did not come to Britain he would be castigated for staying in US!

Let him come, let protestors protest, and let the delays in traffic occur, and remember freedom of speech has a cost. It is one I am prepared to put up with. I am in Edinburgh and well away from London but if he were visiting here my thoughts would not change.
Lighty greasing my Steyr Mannlicher.......................mmmmmmmmmm

Anyone know a decent high point in the area :D

I am joking, don't fancy a visit from the secret service cavity search team[/b]
Jake01 said:
Mr Livingstone said the fact no prime minister had been assassinated in nearly two centuries showed the British had always had good security.
And only two Very Tall Buildings have ever had aircraft flown into them on purpose so no worries!
Of course let him come. Let's face it, the Septics are the only true allies that we have.

I don't mind the protestors either, they have the right to freedom of speech. However, you can guarantee that there will be a hard core of lefty trouble makers in there trying to encite a riot and cause as much trouble as possible. I just hope the police beat the crap out of them!!


But if he interferes with my baby? :D daughter getting her DoE gold on the 20th he will be in big trouble! :oops:
Bush is a dangerous lying cu*t and should stay well away
But if he interferes with my baby?
Its Bush coming ex not jacko. But if your offering??

Its 40 years ago this weekend that JFK got slotted. Interesting. Just thought Id mention that, no reason. :roll:


Ok lordy of flash you being of the poncey blue beret...

my baby daughter is 19, hates anybody that ever served in the AAC, and does not like jacko ( daddy taught her well).

and is the rumour true you were 26 when JFK got slotted M'lurd :lol: ?
Yes the rumours are true but I've slimmed down to 13 stone now.

Any chance of some gash piccies of your daughter?

I mean spare piccies. :lol:



Just phoned daughter to ask...

more chance of memeber of AGC winning medal of honour than you getting anywhere near her. her words not mine :D
Flash, ref them gash pics, Ive got a few.....

Quite a selection now 8)
the rumour true you were 26 when JFK got slotted M'lurd :lol: ?
Yes the rumours are true but I've slimmed down to 13 stone now.
Ahhh I Flashy, were you in 'the green' at the time? Conspiracy solved! It wasnt someone BEHIND the grassy nole, Flasheart WAS the grassy nole!!! 8O :lol: :p

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