Should have locked your door luv


Nice set though. :twisted:
Immaculate timing - bet Dad was impressed. You getting young girls to get their puppies out FP?

Assume this is somewhere way down South due to Dad's attire?
ArmySurplusSpecial said:
where did u find that FP??
Email off a mate.

Apols if anyone's seen it before.
very good!
If she is underage, we could, technically, be watching kiddy-porn.... 8O
bernoulli said:
If she is underage, we could, technically, be watching kiddy-porn.... 8O
Crossed my mind too Berni but it was easy enough to convince myself she is at least legal. Especially with them grown up lungs!!
and she appears to be wearing an engagement ring.
the baps do look at least 17 , so we are ok guys.
Nope, I reckon Op Ore has just snared a new round of victims. I will have to grow my hair into a bowl, and get out my old issue horn-rim glasses so I look the part for the "BEAST!!!" phot in the News of the Screws.. :D
Reminds me of a bloke we watched on cam one night:
Picture the scene....5 ever so slightly inebriated women crowded round a 14 inch monitor watching...let's called him "soldier P"
Soldier P was attired in his "weekend outfit" consisting of a black basque, black stockings, size 10 stilettoes and a frilly black thong (remember the thong - it's important!) After chatting for a few minutes he agreed to give us a free show (I think he was probably as tiddly as we were) so he sits well back from the webcam and shall I put this?...caressing himself. The thong was becoming restrictive so he pulled it down to around his knees and carried on. By this time we're screaming with laughter and the poor chappie is beginning to go red in the face...probably with concentration. Suddenly the door behind him is thrown open and 4 of his mates appear. In his panic to cover himself up he trips over his thong, goes arrse upwards and shows us that government issue toilet paper is not as hygienic as Andrex wet wipes. Just at that moment his cam froze and we were left with a lasting impression of bare botties (giving us enough time to take screen shots and yet again justifying the expression "hairy arrsed squaddie) :D

As for the bloke in nappies...that's a completely different story for another time :wink:

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