Should Have Bought a Guinea Pig Instead...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JoeCivvie, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. 200 giant spiders, termites feast on man | The Daily Telegraph
  2. Telegraph, Feb 26 2011, eh?

    I wonder if he was related to the Mark Voegel (coincidentally also aged 30 and from Dortmund) who was killed by a Black Widow named Bettina (another coincidence!) whose death was reported in the Sun on 27 Feb 2004?

    Pet spider kills its owner | The Sun |News
  3. Well, what are the odds of that happening? :)
  4. Bloody Mark Voegel Walts.
  5. Shizer! My Namen ist Mark Voegel unt I av Jist bort ein Spider in a Dortmund pet shop!!
  6. What gets me about this article: The guy's dead, he never let anyone visit, so how do they know the gecko was called Helmut?
  7. Its real name was k*v h*gh*s.
  8. I can't understand it, spiders are normally such loyal and affectionate pets.
  9. Nooo, Gordon was a gopher!

    Edit: what happened there? The post I was quoting disappeared! :scratch:
  10. None of you have picked up on Joe's real reason for posting this; three - THREE - Mark Voegels have met violent, unnatural deaths in 7 years, and the gecko has been in the frame for all of them. I await the imminent headline; GERMAN GECKO EXPOSED AS RINGLEADER OF INTER-SPECIES SNUFF CULT.
  11. There's no cause for alarm; I replaced it with a far, FAR wittier one. FAR wittier!
  12. At least it stays on the right side of the smoking ban!
  13. It's okay, as long as your name is not Mark Vögel, you'll be fine!
  14. He's got a bird's name anyway.