should gingers be banned

Discussion in 'ACF' started by girth, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Im not talking about ginger cadets, that would be wrong.

    BUT should adult instructor ginger people be banned?
    Having ginger AIs gives cadets the impression that being a ginger is acceptable in a modern society.

    If you are a ginger should society meet you half way and allow dying of hair or wigs?

    Thoughts please! :sentemail:
  2. its been done before..............bore off.
  3. Stick a picture of yourself on here and lets see how acceptable you are to modern society. Cnut.
  4. original. You rejected from society by any chance?
  5. seems that there are some gingers outed on this thread already...........they can dye their hair but they will always stink of piss!! the way girth if you are who I think you are capt. farquaharson would like his planks and stuff back!
  6. now all the gingers have replied anyone else??

  7. ..............and about the planks?
  8. I'll fight you for it...
  9. I thought he would have made those planks into something useful! being the craftsman that he is!

  10. :sleepy:

    Straight to the A* Hole
  11. Does your doctor know your using his computer....?
  12. If this was in the NAAFI it might be a laugh. However, being on the ACF part of the board I think it's well out of order, and doesn't exactly portray a good role model for the younger generation.

    I can but hope that you are not in a position of responsibility over impressionable cadets.

    And don't try the WAA thing; you sir have made a C*nt of yourself. :thumbdown:

    Rant off
  13. Qwerty

    He is 5 posts in give him a chance!


  14. and as I can see from your post, qwerty's, you Gwa's don't have a sense of humour either! :thumright:

    Also, you are lazy and unimaginative. I mean can't you think of a better login name than QWERTY, ffs? Oh that was difficult, the top 6 letters your keyboard! You pale skinned freckly piss-smelling mong!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.