Should Fox Stay or Go?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Is this the first real test as to whether CMD will be ruthless on sleaze? To be fair, even if Fox hasn't broken the rules, he's been naive at best.....

    Does Dave have the minerals to deal with the problem? Will his credibility be harmed if he is seen to take no action (even if no action is actually required, if you see what I mean)?
  2. They will just replace one thieving/cheating cnut with another thieving/cheating tw*t......
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  3. They don't exactly see eye to eye. I expect that Fox will have pressure put on him to fall on his own sword if it comes to light his mate has had any financial benefit from the relationship - and why else would he be involved?
  4. The story of contemporary British politics in a nutshell.
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  5. Bothered?

  6. Too Nihilistic to be bovvered......
  7. Replace him with William Hauge.........oh hang on!
  8. It was an arrogantly stupid item that Fox got picked up on, but it's conference season afterall. If Fox goes, it will be a Tory grandees' decision and not CMD's. Fox represents, to Dave's chagrin, the 'old' element of the party. Every dog in the street
    is aware there's no love lost between these party members, made obvious during Obama's visit, when Fox was out of the country during this rather important occasion. I hope that Fox fights his ground on this one.
  9. i find the idea that politicians can be naive about this stuff pretty ridiculous, its not like it hasnt happened before. if he addmitted to being naive by thinking he wouldnt get caught then fair enough...
  10. It's a shame this rather odd relationship he has, didn't come to light a year ago. I suspect that when he showed his face on Arrse, the questions asked here would have been a tad more, er, taxing.
  11. Will there already be two drafts of the interim report in existance and is CMD sounding off the old guard before the right one is released?

    Or, as I suspect it, the interim, (and main report) will find no breaches, conflicts or untoward activity on Liam's behalf, except some minor failings about accountability. The far-right of the party will ease off the Chinese wrist burn on CMD, Werrity will suitably dissppear (to a lobbying firm :roll:) and Labour will meekly shout white-wash by Jim Murphy (Ed- How he??)
  12. As a matelot i hope he stays.
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Fox - as a senior minister of the crown - has shown very poor judgement. He has:

    1) Allowed a personal friend's business to substantially profit from his friendship with a minister of the crown despite having no official accreditation.
    2) Allowed a personal friend to attend meetings discussing classified information without having a security clearance.

    This is not the only example of poor judgement from Fox. And if you are a minister of the crown, I lose confidence in you when you show public examples of poor judgement - how many other decisions in private have shown a similar lack of judgement?

    In addition, being fired for breaking the ministerial code makes the point to all other office holders that transgresions can lead to loss of job, prestige and income - thus keeping British politics clean.

    For those reasons I think Fox should go.

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  14. This reeks of (a) MOD civil servant getting some pay-back. That's where the real corruption and nepotism lies - an all to powerful and cosy club.

    Fox has to go IMO, he's been stupid and telling porkies to cover up is his downfall. I just wish that someone somewhere had the balls to start charges against all the bastards who use their positions as a means to line their own pockets. The legislation is there to throw the book at them but the bastards won't. After all, nobody is going to bite the hands that feeds them. And they are very well fed.