Should Fat Ugly people be killed?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spursluv, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. No leave them alone, poor Sods can't help it

  2. No but they should be tortured at least

  3. Yeah waste of their time and ours them even being here

  1. Discuss
  2. Nah, think of the yucky splatter of fat and the huge coffins/waste of energy cremating them.

    Send them to the US, they should be used to them.
  3. No No, he is quite right. People like that should be melted down and used as an alternative fuel source, or turned in to novelty handbags, whichever. It's about time aesthetically challanged individuals realised that what they are doing is unfair to mankind, after all they don't have to look at themselves.

    As you can see from my Avatar I will be perfectly safe when this particular revolution comes.
  4. All fat people should be executed for no other reason than being fat.

    "It's my glands you see"

    No it fukcing is not! It is in fact your feet, you can't keep them out of the frigging chip shop.

    Let them all die horribly, apart from the fat birds who like sucking squaddie c0ck.
  5. how would you play pull the pig?

    fat birds need loving too :)
  6. I think they have their uses, they could all be thrown in a giant mincer, mashed up and fed to the starving of the world & then everyone is happy.
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Fräulein you, of all people, should be aware of the great advances made in crematoria in Germany in 1941-42 which meant that body fats would actually assist in the cremation process...
  8. RTFQ


    Well, there's a good 10 1/2 thousand on arrse already, and I suppose we wouldn't really notice losing 50% of that - and I for one wouldn't mind the loss of the female trolls on here, so...yeah, why not? Ricin-laced choccy eclairs all round!
  9. Lets not forget that fat, ugly girls always are grateful for sex. There is never an excuse not to get your end away, so long as they are around.
  10. Most fat people are good at singing aswell I have found
  11. And cooking
  12. Obese women could be used to feed the starving hordes in "less fortunate countries".

    Not by using cannibalistic practices though.

    If you lift up a fat bird's breasts there will always be a supply of a Primula type substance beneath them. Sweat and dark clammy places maketh fine cheese.
  13. Yes but fat girls can also be used for imaginative shagging so long as they have enough blubber.
    With an attractive/normal girl you are limited to the usual three holes to shoot your dirty load into.
    With a really fat girl you can grab a fist full of blubber anywhere on her body and create your own orifice to do the deed in. The really special fat girls have a natural coating of grease which can be used as lubrication.

    Every dreamed of shagging a girls belly or double chin? With a real porker of a girl it doesn’t have to be a dream.
  14. You see your just proving your full of shite.

    I'm fat and cant sing for toffee, but i'm not fat and ugly i'm fecking gorgeous (well thats what your mum keeps telling me every time she asks me to do her up the ricker.

    You see spurslove where as i may be festivley plump i'm actually in the army and your out there being a wannabe who comes on here and thinks "i know if i post something offensive on arrse then they will think i'm a real soldier and accept me"

    I could stand here and say its glandular or genetic but its not its simple really, i prefer beer and kebabs more than i prefer running. Small minded weiners like yourself think that making fun of the fat kid is a funny way to impress people but the problem is your making a schoolboy error here. Most fat people have heard it and are much better at dealing with it than you think. 9 times out of 10 the fat guy will waddle away from the argument having made the other person look like an absolute cnut infront of everyone. Now dont be judging me here i can still throw a bergan on my back and tab out a cft without batting an eyelid and am a very good tradesman. You however spend so much tiome worrying about your weight when/if you join up the fist time you put a bergan on your back you'll snap then be straight down the doctors and get yourself on the sick. You'll then get yourself to the stores and sign for your Ass female large and spend the rest of your time sat on the fcuker. So when you've done something other than pose round the gym looking good in you lycra maybe you can come here and chops off (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chops) but until then just remember us fat guys have a crusader out ther and his name is HOMER

  15. fat people = soylent green

    what's the load limit? 30 BMI and above? or just it they look fat, they'll do?..

    right, where's that tread mill and the free membership to Superfitness?