Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chimera, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just a thought..

  2. The Spam sized ones that are a massive drain on the NHS should.
  3. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP


    Overly long people should be taxed more. I hate them - they always sit in front of me at rugby and I can't see over their towering bonces. :x

    I don't see why I should pay more just because my girth is demonstrative of a life well lived! I've paid more in tax on beer, gin, whisky, port and wine than the skinny buggers anyway. :x

    Why should I be taxed twice? :x

    I consider the extra tax I have coughed up over the years due to consumption of biblical proportions as advanced payments for when I need a liver transplant. :D

    BTW, I carry a donor card but I have stipulated that the liver and kidneys must go to a teetotaler. See? I get the last laugh! :lol:
  4. Maybe we should tax stupid people more? We can tax them higher, more often and to greater fiscal benefit and the beauty is they'll never notice...

    Tall, fat Cuddles.
  5. I certainly think they (fat cnuts) should have to pay more for airline tickets.
    I saw a programme a couple of weeks ago called "tax the fat" and I have to say, whilst being a bit of a take, the guy did come up with some pretty convincing arguments why fatties should pay more for.....pretty much everything.
    The one I liked was when he checked in for a flight and his luggage was 2KG overweight so they were going to charge him excess. He pointed out that some fat bloke about 4 people behind him must weigh at least 10KG more than him, so would he be charged as well? I was sold!

    Fatties, burn 'em all!
  6. really fat people should, also really fat women, especially the ones i've slept with when i was drunk
    Ginger people should be taxed the most - piss & twiglets
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    They smell of foxes and I don't mean mints!
  8. Yes they bloody should! I have been corpulent before but squared myself away. But the fact remains that they are an awful drain on the NHS. Maybe just taxing gluttons foods! It will be a mild effect on the rest of us, or just curving all these "all you can eat for £5". Or saying that anyone who is over 25 BMI then should have to pay more.

    There is also the cultural issues maybe they need to re-instigate proper cooking in schools!
  9. Nip this little fcuker in the bud.

    Why should fat people pay more? Because they are a drain on the NHS, because they choose to live that way?

    Thin end of the wedge chaps.

    What about motorcycle riders? They cost the NHS more than car drivers. Because they get smashed up more in an accident. Perhaps they should pay more.

    What about thin people? Those who are anorexic and bulemic. They cost the NHS money and don't even have the common decency to pay VAT on the food they don't eat (in the case of the anorexics) so they can pay.

    Any one in to a sport which has a high level of danger or risk of injury? Rugby, canoeing, rock climbing, parachuting, bungee jumping... You can pay to because when compared to the grey man who eats healthy and doesn't do those sports you are more expensive.

    Cycle to work? What if you get knocked off the bike and need all kinds of surgery to put you back together?

    Horserider that gets thrown off a horse, breaks a femur and needs a rod putting in your thigh?

    Older mum (by old I mean late 20s early 30s which carry more risk than early 20s) yep you lot can pay more too.

    See where this goes?

    It would be a better solution to see more sports in schools (rather than the government selling off the playing fields for houses) and an education in what is healthy and what is not for all children at school and of course the general populace.

    More fitness facilities in the country as a whole, some of hte facilities are cr ap. And of course better cover for things like Boy scouts and DofE so they can take kids to the hills again instead of cowering in fear of litigation for daring to take a child away from the x-cube or what ever the fcuk they want to play on.

    In fact why can't schools as a whole be able to take the kids away on adventure training type holidays too, with some funding from the parents. Children should have as much time as possible playing sports and have the proper facilities to follow the sports.

    That will reduce the amount of obesity in the country and improve fitness.

    While we are at it some sort of laws passed to reduce the amount of cr ap food, such as processed burgers would also work.

    I remember my mum making me burgers from pure 100% mince. (from my dads butchers) and I couldn't eat more than one. Yet from BK or McDs you can eat a lot more, but because it is processed you are getting alot more calories for less filling, thus people eat more.

    This is one of those quick fixes that get bandied about as THE solution. It is not, it is just a chance for one group of people to vilify another group and blame societies ailes on them.
  10. I think it should certaintly apply to air travel. I took my bike to Lanzarote and was charged £35 by the airline for it. My luggage was a small bag and a daysack. Various fat things turned up with luggage on trollies; the luggage weighed more than than they did. If you're too fat to carry it it's not going :twisted:

    Edited for mong spelling.
  11. I say we burn them to supply power to the national grid no need for nuclear power just burn a few faties each day.
  12. We do, its called the National Lottery...
  13. Take it your a bit of a Lard Arrse then??
  14. Cheeky fcuker! I'm 25.1 and I'm not at all fat. Muscle weighs more than fat I'll remind you.
  15. Yes they should, the big fat cnuts.