Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chimera, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Since their fat ars*s usually fill two seats.....
  2. yeah fatties! i hate them me.....erm...anyway i go im my car, not on a bus with the comon people.
  3. Treble fair, one for each seat, and one for being fat.
  4. They should pay more on aircraft too if I have to pay for excess baggage...
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Maybe they should be banned completely and be made to walk.

    The exercise will do them good.
  6. You use public transport? Shocking :!:

    Fatties should run behind the bus. lardy bástards...
  7. Walk? The fat fackers can barely waddle!
  8. The thing I hate about fatties the most is when they give you dirty looks when you are smoking.

    I remember some years ago being in a restaurant with my ex, we had finished the main course and I was gagging for a fag before pud. As I hate it when people smoke near me as I eat I rolled one up and popped out front. When I came back this lard bucket gave me a filthy look and started to converse with her equally fat friend about how horrible smokers are, loud enough for me to hear.

    After about 5 minutes of this our pud's arrived as did the fatties. I could take no more of this and proceed to wander over to their table and gave gobby fatty a lecture on the health risks of eating such high calorie desserts. I then pointed out that due to her obvious overeating she was more likely to be a drain on the NHS than me due to heart problems, stomach and bowel disorders, kidney probs, circulation probs etc, and that it was the tax from smokers like me that would help fund the relevant treatment. I made sure I was loud enough to be heard but gave up after fattie looked about to cry and went back to my (very embarrassed) ex.

    I know smoking isn't the nicest thing but as long as you don't affect or inconvenience someone else then its best left alone. We are not criminals you know.

    Blimey, feel better after letting that one out. :-D

  9. Er wah?
  10. Smelly people should be made to pay more as well. After all they take up several more seats as there is so much of a vacant space around them as you try to avoid their putrid stench. :threaten:

    Have you tried holding your breath on a Leeds to London train? No it's not possible, therefore smelly people may even get a whole carriage to themselves! Think of the cost of that!

    Since my driving ban I have been trying to avoid public transport at all costs- trains I can cope with. But buses! Really! Full of mad sweaty people. Why do they sit next to me on an entirely empty bus! Not pleasant. Will continue my bus-avoidance policy.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having to commute daily via the living hell that is SWTrains, I say - cull them all!

    The seats are small enough as it is (when I do manage to get one) and to be next to a fat barsteward means I am left perched on the side. If you try to push them back into their section they huff and puff and look all offended - plus it's nearly impossible, as they are a huge pile of blubber anyway.

    cull them, and use them to power the trains - they'd probably burn nicely, if the correct temperature were reached in the fire.
  12. Exercise FFS! We'd have more of the ginster filled tw@ts on the pavement in spassie wagons!
  13. And we already pay quite heavily for the privelege.

    Are you some sort of "shut in", sat in front of your monitor wearing trousers (avec elasticated 48 inch waistband) that you've had to order from the back pages of the Daily Mail, in the middle of a serious hunger fit, waiting for the home help to come around with your next Ginsters "fix"?

    I bet you're already eyeing up your corpulent offspring, wondering how they'd taste with a side of fries and some Tommy K.
  14. They should be made to pay more for clothing aswell, or me pay less. CuNtS!