Should David Miliband be fired as Foreign Secretary?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. There seems an increasing number of people calling for Gordon Brown to sack the FS, following Milibland's recent Guardian article in which our dear leader is not mentioned once.

    So, Cabinet in-fighting, shrewd political manouvre by Milibland, a storm in a tea-cup, or what?

    BBC Webpage link: MPs urge Brown to sack Miliband

    Personally, would prefer that the FS was spending his airtime, bringing the British Public up-to-speed on how many former translators and LEC's his much trumpted LEC Scheme has resettled in the UK?

    Failing that, possibly an update on Labour's ethical foreign policy?

    If Brown takes no action, what does this tell us about the dear leader? If Brown fires him, will the opposition to Brown increase?

    Who goes? You decide. (well at least by 2010)

    Can't they all just hold their hands up, admit that their stewardship of the country has been woeful and quit en-masse?
  2. Answer: Yes, of course he should. Along with the rest of liabour being sacked.

    And then preferably stabbed in the lung.
  3. I like your style Dr Chris - if evidence of increasing knife crime is needed...
  4. Don't trust any of those scumbags. It's all political engineering. Gordon knows he's doomed so he's agreed to let Milliband oust him and be seen as a strong leader and maximise the chances of Labour getting re-elected at the next general election. They want to narrow the Cameron "youth" factor by putting another youngster in line but one with Foreign Secretary on his CV first as well as possibly Chancellor of the Exchequer or perhaps even Defence next.
  5. Milliband shouldn't be fired, he should be tried for Treason along with Cyclops and f*cking shot.

    I live in hope...
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Oh, what a devious thought. I mean, really, how could you possibly imagine such a plot even in fiction? By so doing, you visualise a young man facing the baying pack of Trades Unions, howling for compensation for 11 years of Prudence [ha-fukcing-ha] and all wearing replicas of Keir Hardie's cap.

    I couldn't imagine that happening in a hundred years ...but then I am extremely pi66ed .... :lol:
  7. Yes, from a very large gun thing
  8. yes and i will even chip in for a box of 9mm.
  9. I hope Brown crushes him underfoot to wipe that self satisfied smirk off of his face. But mainly because it's not like he could do a worse job than Brown, and might actually make a better fist of it, and I firmly want to see Brown ride out another year or so carrying on being so incredibly bad at the job that Labour lose in an absolute landslide. What I'd really like to see would be for them to fall into third place behind the Liberal Democrats, but that's probably just a dream. :)
  10. Nice to see Miliband is carrying on the 'political traditions' he likely got from his grandfather Samuel Miliband.
  11. Gordon wanted the top job so much that he could taste it at both ends - you don't think for one minute that after knifing Teflon Tony for the job he's going to roll over quietly and hand it over to a parvenu like Milliband? Several reasons:
    1. Despite reaching the ripe old age of 43, he's never had a proper job (mind you neither have most of the government).
    2. He didn't have the guts to challenge Gordon last year so where has he suddenly grown a pair of cojones from? Obviously, he's studied at the Gordon Brown school of courage.
    3. Saw him on BBC news the other night - talk about a Blair understudy! I was waiting for him to say 'Hey, I'm just a regular sort of guy'. Do we really want another Blair?
    4. Despite the press talking him up, he's hardly shone at anything he's done and to give us all the bullsh*t about how it isn't really Labours fault insults our intelligence.

    In short, sack him or not, it doesn't matter who is in charge, New Labour is doomed - the great British public have finally sussed the charlatans out.
  12. The schoolboy, really does have his head up his ARRSE. He should be given a proper job where he has to do some work (NHS has been a “grave-yard” for many before him); so that he has less time to spout total bo11ocks! You will gather that I am NOT particularly well disposed towards this little piece of “self-importance”.
  13. Brick - your wish might come true if the egregious Ed Balls took over.

    According to this poll in the Torygraph, the only man who can save Labour from being totally crushed at the next election is.... one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, who'd pull the deficit back to 9 per cent.

    If Straw were to be made leader, the Tories would have a 45:24% lead , while Millibland [sic] would have a 24% level of support also, but Tory support would be up to 47 percent.

    If Balls took over, though, he's soooo popular that Labour would be in third place with 17%, Lib Dems getting 18 and the Tories killing the argument for PR by being able to turn around and say 'actually, a majority of the electorate, at least on the mainland did vote for us.'
  14. Strange how Miliband has not updated his own blog, since Wednesday. Not a word from him on his Guardian article. As he is happy to state on his blog:

    Such honesty and candour. Wonder if Gordon is a regular visitor?
  15. Remember remember the 5th of November..............

    I wish!