Should Cyclops Apologise for WW2 As Well?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Norfolknchance, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Much as I can sympathise with those kids who were forceably removed from Blighty in the 50's without knowledge of kith and kin, why the fukk should Mr Brown say sorry? He himself was around 1 in 1951 so it wasn't his fault! The kiddy-fiddlling was done by Aussies and their PM has just said "sorry".

    I'm NOT a supporter of Labour but it now appears that the man's being blamed for everything going at the moment. It's just a matter of time before the meedya blame him for Eve eating the apple. I'm sure I heard him saying sorry for Karakatoa last week (or was that just an echo?)

    Blue coat today nurse!
  2. I'm sure we'll apologize for Dresden in due course…
  3. I wouldn't put it past him.

  4. Forget Dresden. Everyone knows that the entire second world war was our fault and Gordon should duly apologise on our behalf :roll:
  5. adam ate the apple (or no one did, it's all a load of sky pixie nonsense)

    also, was the aussie pm even born at the time?
  6. Adam may have eaten the apple but you can bet your bottom dollar, Eve put him up to it! Oh yes, and Gordon!
  7. No he should apologise for being naff at his job and for letting Lord thingummy from here and there be really in charge and saying toodle pip and going to tthe country
  8. Why? those bas*tards bombed our chipshop! :wink:
  9. Can't exactly get Adorf to say sorry for that now can we? And can't see that lucious bird Angela Markel apologising for your chippy.
  10. What about the Battle of Hastings?
  11. Sarkozy would have to apologise for that one. Can see him apologising to the Argies though and probably handing back the Falklands as well.
  12. I suggest he apologise for HIS performance over the last twelve years. Have I already posted that?

    If so, he can apologise for HM King Edward I and his beastly behaviopur in Wales.
  13. If we're going to apologise to anyone for things that happened during WW2, it should be Poland.
  14. Should he have a long list... (in no particular order)

    The Roman Invasion
    The Norman Invasion
    The Crusades
    The English Civil War
    The Irish Potato famine (Didn't Bliar already do that one?)
    The First World War
    The Battle of Waterloo ( poor French)
    War Crimes during the battle of Agincourt
    ... gawd!
  15. These apologies are getting silly to be honest.