Should Compo have product endorsements on the cartons?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Big Kahoona, Jul 26, 2004.

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  1. The buying power of the average Squaddie is considerable. Instead of that boring old Range Card, should DLO tout for a bit of product sponsorship and start plonking product endorsements on Compo Ration cartons?

    Maybe, we could have coupons. Say, collect 25 coupons and you could go to the QM's and get more kit? Or perhaps with 100 coupons, you could be the lucky winner of free flight back to UK/ BFG from your next Op tour on an RAF Trooper that actually makes it back on time, without any 'breakdowns' in Cyprus?
  2. Buyt two, get one stomach pump?
  3. Stonking idea

    Except would the makers of Compo want co-operative advertising?
  4. There's loads of potential here.... advertise for FHM? Maxim? Readers Wives? They would jump at the chance! Toilet Paper, the local Schnelly, Stella Artois, AGC (SPS).... loads of ideas! Do you think DAPS would be interested in the idea? There's nothing about this in the GEMS booklet.

    And with the money raised, the MOD might be able to afford say, FTRS, the TA, even Going To War. :p
  5. could the sponsorship be on the individual packets? for example, hustler could sponsor the tins of sausages ;)

  6. Advertising and entertainment,

    erotic dot-to-dot etc

    Something too keep you entertained. Although a lot of the packaging gets binned straight off.

    This Beef stew was brought to you by Porta-potty... the squaddies friend
  7. Or each box of ten could have a scratch card in them - like the ones you get in magazines that you always win. Prizes could include getting of the graveyard stag or excused clearing the track plan.

    I think the ideas got wings. I would rather they just threw in a "pocket porn" tho.
  8. yes but if they threw in porn it would have to cater to all tastes
    which really makes me quite ill at the thought as i dont like dogs :lol:
  9. Well don't eat the burgers then :lol:
  10. I know compo has loads of weird menu lines but do the Koreans really need their own? 8O
  11. If they could just make stay fresh it would be a help, compo meal I had last week was off..mouldy biscuits and an inflatable main meal, chucked the lot. :evil: Bring back babys heads!
  12. On the subject of compo. I got hold of one of the newer boxes recently (still can't beat compo for long yomping\camping trips) and was a little shocked to see some veggie menus...i mean WTF is all that about???!!! :roll: :roll:
  13. Ah, happy days! And what about Mars bars and tubes of condensed milk in the 24 hr rat pack? It's been downhill ever since, I'm afraid.
  14. I personally miss the spangles with the wrappers superglued to the sweets so that you had to eat the whole thing. :D
  15. and "cheese possessed" , no rubberier cheese in the known world.
    and those 2 pint tea bags , how many people left those in their smock pockets and made a big frothy brew in their washing machine.