Should Cait do the right thing and shag MDN(poll)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by filthyphil, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. Now is the time for all good Arrsers and true to exercise their democratic rights. Vote YES or no.
  2. yep, feed the desperate, she should look at this as a public service type of duty.
  3. I voted no as I can't imagine a Fred West lookalike doing a blondie chick like Cait. :D
  4. I said Yes but, can i watch???
  5. I voted yes, Cait should give MDN a good seeing to with a 15" black strap on.

  6. No , what a ghastly thought. The willowy Princess with the film star looks and Lurch?

    Nay , nay and thrice nay. (Though I can only vote once)
  7. Your comments show you to be a sensitive and caring person. I urge all Arrsers to emulate your kind nature. In the same way as a Downes syndrome carer might give one of their benighted charges the odd seruptitious hand shandy to calm it down to better facillitate an uninterrupted outing to the shops, it behooves Cait to act in the public interest, and soothe the savage beast as it were, thereby releasing some of MDNs' manly juices, if not internally, at least externally, preferably with accompanying photos. I am humbled before your humanity Sir.
  8. Shouldn't the title be

    "Should Cait do the utterly, utterly wrong, and yet somehow so so right thing and shag MDN (poll)"?

    Incidently, am shotgunning film rights, as well as all subsequent merchandise, stadium tours, and action figures. :D
  9. i voted no because i wouldn't want Cait to be polluted by MDN rancited man fat. she can do better.
  10. Come on you selfish b@stards, give me some support..... Friday is my Birthday and can't think of anything better than having Cait impaled on me.

    Anyone who is struggling to vote or doubts the lengths I have gone to in an effort to get her up the duff please PM me then I can secure your vote via means of bribery.
  11. I voted yes, this was before I saw this offer, can I recant and go for blatant bribery please? I'm willing to throw in a large aerosol of whipped cream and a tub of Marmite.

    Beebs :)
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Why not - from the number of posts, nobody seems to give a f uck 8O. 52 votes by midget dumb nuts and 17 by Cait seems to give the idea! :wink:
  13. Hey! I maybe short but I don't have nuts!

    Ah I see, well hands up to the dumb bit then..... :oops:

    Beebs ;)
  14. Cait should definatley do MDN, then she could be held in the same esteem as Mother Theresa for charitable contributions to mankind!
  15. Cait, Cait
    My imaginary mate
    Let me poke your tw@t
    Right here on the mat
    My birthday is but once a year
    So I'm up for a bit in the rear!

    Your grubby pal