Should Cadet organisation mimic regular army?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by bibo_boy, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Should Cadet organisation mimic regular army?

    Are we doing soming slighty immoral by letting kids run around with semi-automatic weapons, learning how to ambush people etc?

    Or am I getting soft in my old age? :lol:

    I used to love Cadets, but now I'm a Dad of two (and slightly older) I seeing things slighty different?

    I'm not saying no weapons.... I know most of them are very well drilled.... just calm it down a bit and see the cadets for what it is.... A very good youth organisation.
  2. No it shouldn't. It should remain as it is a very good youth organisation no more no less.
  3. I also think it should not mimic the army like for like. As stated it is a very good youth service. The weapons and the field craft are one small part of the whole. There are many non field related skills as well as cadet in the community work which i think the public don't get told about.

    The cadets at the troop i run have all said the enjoy helping out in the village as well as going to train in the field, Getting the right balance is the key so not to give them to much of one or the other. If it did mimic the army like for like i think there would be a small number of adults that would enjoy it, i like it they way it is.
  4. I can see this thread going the same direction as the other similar but differently titled threads that have appeard on here in the last couple of weeks. "It's not the Army, it's a Youth Organisation". I don't really know how many more times the same subject can be battered out.
  5. they should remain - or perhaps become - youth organisations, or possibly one youth organisation who's sole purpose is experience/development/self-discipline/enjoyment bit of the cadets that parents, teachers and employers like.

    i'd prefer a joint DoEA plus organisation that was supported with military resourses (camps, trips, flying, instructors etc..) but with some of the more quasi-military structure stuff taken out. its the adventure training, sailing, flying, studying and field exercises that produce the results society wants from a cadet organisation (self-disiplined, self-confident young people who take responsibility for themselves and those in their charge) not the foot drill, endless paperwork and ever-increasing waltishness that appears to be taking over the cadet organisations.

    i really enjoyed being an air cadet, and we did some fantastic stuff which i later helped to organise as an adult member of staff, but it also showed me that an enormous number of adult staff within the cadet organisations are there for the 'glamour' of the military connection and see the cadets as being an embuggerence to be put up with.

    its not the military parts of the syllabus per se that i don't like (actually i think extended fieldcraft trips to places like SENTA with all the apparell that goes with it are enormously enhancing of your average cadet) but its the militarised structure that both diverts energy from the overall objective and brings in those who might not join the same organisation without the uniform and the crisp salutes.

    i think its very unlikely that military recruiting from the cadets would be affected, the cadets would still 'meet the military' they just wouldn't have the 'dorky' walts get in the way and parents might be a little less put off by 'in-your-face' military ethos - if such a thing could be said about a cadet unit...
  6. bibo
    if only we had semi autos, the GP rifle is single shot and LSW has only just come back to us after being reomoved for GW2, we now have a grand total of 3!! in the whole county.

    I think the organisation is fine as it is, nothing is ever perfect.
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Cokecan I think the organization you are talking about is the Scouts. I think cadets join because they want to be in a 'military' organization. Why dumb it down?
  8. What do Cadets need LSW's for?
  9. i think cadets join because they want to be part of any organisation that gets them the feck out of drossville for £5 a weekend!

    certainly its true that lots of cadets join the ACF/ATC/SCC because they want to join the military later on, but lots more just join for something to do. the scouts are seen as a much younger organisation - i left the scouts to join the cadets - and youth clubs are often a young offenders institute without the wire. i don't think losing some of the military nature of the cadets and making it a tri-service supported organisation is dumbing down, actually i think it might be a good kick in the arrse for a very large number of very rank/status concious units where lazy and incompetant officers are able to hide behind the rank structure and the supplied syllabus.

    while i accept that a fairly military-esque cadet organisation has some merits - personally i think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, but i can see the other POV - i can see no justifation whatsoever for continuing with three seperate cadet organisations.
  10. I worked in recruiting until recently and the number of Cadets wanting to join was minimal......
  11. 3 star SAA, since they have been taken from the cadets i think a lot of countys have been scratching heads on how to pass 3 star cadets on this subject with out them, and there has been no change to the training and testing of three star SAA during this time to acount for it.

    Though i have managed to arrange one evening were we can borrow them from the local TA unit to train and test with.
  12. LSWs are availible from all Cadet Training Teams. We had some on our last weekend (two weeks ago). So there should be no reason why cadets can't do three star SAA
  13. OK they need them for passing some form of grades????

    The LSW is designed to surpress an emeny at an increased distance/rate of fire....?

    When was the last time Cadets had to do that? Weapons training fine.... but why use LSW.... ?

    What the heck!!!! Next you'll be telling me they need to use 81mm Morters to pass their GCSE's?
  14. For some reason and i have tried this line with my county but they didn't seem bothered to help. Not sure why (maybe they don't like me?) The local CTT got me in contact with the local TA unit but having read this i will try ask the CTT if i can get them for weekend training and testing.
  15. bibo_boy... were you once a cadet? if you were that would be the 1970s i guess. did you not train and fire the lmg?
    if so, whats the difference now as to then?