Should Britons have the right to keep and arm bears?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Yes, having a grizzly with an AK47 is a sign of true freedom

  2. Yes, but hamsters should be banned.

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  3. No, though goldfish may be used for home defence

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  4. No, anything larger than a quirrel is a WMD

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  5. Maybe, ask me tomorrow when I'm sober

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  1. Obviously the right to keep and arm bears should be the cornerstone of any democracy.

    Why is it then that current UK legislation, makes it almost impossible for the average citizen to do so?

    Strange as it may seem, carrying small easily concealed mammals is license free. Anyone can do it. Can you imagine the fear that a band of yardies with hamsters could bring to your local community?

    But due to the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976, anyone carrying or even owning a concealed grizzly would risk up to 8 years imprisonment (and a hernia, and perhaps a few scratches). Why is it so, when bears and other large predatory mammals are so much harder to hide?

    Small, cheap mammals can be bought at any pet store......with no questions asked. Even children can buy them!

    I think it's time that questions were asked in the house.

    Want a bear of your own? Licences can be obtained here:

  2. Yeah. Simply for the fact that in making them illegal all the government did (in a very knee-jerk reaction to Dunblane) was take them out of the hands of the law abiding and give armed criminals a definitive advantage.

    I do however beleive that control should be strict with a high standard of training and certification required to be licensed - that is NOT commercially supplied - since it's commercial suicide to fail students of any nature.
  3. Control is very strict, how many people do you know who even have a bear, let alone an armed bear?
  4. i want a quirrel!!!!!

  5. Damn!

    Quirrels are now on the protected species list, so you'll have to make do with a squirrel.

  6. I want a honey badger, are there restrictions on those too?

    Or a chav mutilating pit bull terrier, cant these specially trained breeds come off the dangerous dogs list?

    I would like a bear but think it would take too much looking after also i don't have a garden for it to do it's business.
  7. Hilarious.........RTFQ!!!!!!!
  8. Wah, Im quoting myself!

    If what you are saying is any Tom, Dick and Harry can have a weapon, this would mean if I came up against a gang, they would all have guns too and I am therefore fûcked, if guns are banned then I would just get a shoeing and I would get away with only minor injuries.

    If the 'self protection' laws in this country were better then this argument would be irrelevant.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    With the right care and attention, a 'Care Bear' can be lethal. All you need to do is put on a pink frock, have your hand inside the Care Bear and walk around my town.

    Wait until some chav starts taking the pish, and then, with your hand inside the Care Bear, pull the trigger on the pistol you are holding inside the Care Bear and shoot the chav in the face.

    The most innocuous and inoffensive of pets can be made utterly lethal.
  10. Do you routinely carry a 'legal-yet-lethal' hamster?

    Don't you think that a grizzly on a leash with an AK strapped to it's head be the ultimate deterrent to random street violence?
  11. Check thread...over
  12. I think the good old British Mk.1 fist is better than a gun with our culture.
  13. It still wouldn't beat a pissed off polar bear would it?
  14. FFS the title of THIS thread slowly, then go back to the other one and continue ranting.


    Nice one T-T
  15. The chances of running into a F-in bear in Essex are minimal.