Should Britons have the Right to Bear Arms?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Anothermedalwonderer, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Not sure were to put a post like this, but I'll put it here for now.

    With the recent upsurge in gun crime in Britain (including a 15 year old boy being shot dead in his own home) is it now time to say, "If the criminals are armed, then so should the ordinary, law-abiding citizen" Just like they are in America?

    It may surprise many of you to learn that the American Second Amendment is largely based on Clause 7 in the English Bill of Rights which states:

    "Subjects which are protestants, may have arms suitable for their defence and as allowed by law"

    Eliminate the 17th century sectarian bigotry, and Britons should have the same right to own guns that US citizens have.

    I can certainly see the merits of the American philosophy. Why should a 75 year old granny be at the mercy of some knife-wielding chav, when she can have the means to defend herself?
    I'm not so convinced by the American argument that it protects against tyranny. I'm not sure how effective shotguns and Winchester rifles are against tanks and helicopter gunships to be honest.
    But in terms of the right to self-defence against scrotes, why shouldn't people be allowed to own and carry tools that give them the means to protect themselves from assailants who may be much stronger, bigger and generally more physically capable than they are?
  2. Care to elaborate? A single word answer isn't a very convincing counter-argument.
  3. No, because all the other chavs who want to have a gun but can't get it will find it much easier to get a gun. I live in the area these attacks have been happening and I still wouldn't agree with this.
  4. No fcuking way..

    Can you imagine that fcuking MLAR from Big Brother Jade having the right to bear arms.... or the little Chav barstewards nicking Daddy's gun because he is out of his tree on Crack/Hoss/Coke/Glue........

    Fcuk me do you really want this country to go totally to the dogs...

  5. I thought we already had the right to bear arms? Or is it only the bottom-dwelling scum-suckers that seem to have the right to bear arms because it would infringe their human rights if they were taken away?
  6. No I don't. I have actually lived in the US, where everyone is armed to the teeth. The neighbourhood were I lived was the quietest, most crime-free neighbourhood in the world.
    Contrast this to were I now live in blighty, were muggings and rapes are frequent, and were only a few months ago a man was kicked to death by a gang of teenage scrotes.
    If law-abiding citizens were allowed to carry guns to protect themselves, it would at the very least even up the odds between citizens and people who carry offensive weapons anyway because they don't give a damn about the niceties of the law.
    Besides, if gun ownership was commonplace and widespread amongst the law-abiding, any chav who wanted to go around using a gun on people would be on the fast-track to removing himself from society one way or another fairly sharpish.
    Allowing citizens to own guns and carry them for their own defence would if anything start to eliminate our chav problem, because chavs would quickly learn that trying to intimidate people would eventually lead to either to their death in a hail of bullets at the hands of a responsible citizen, or a long spell in jail for using a firearm in the commision of a crime.
  7. ok well lets put it this way:
    2 16 yr olds having a scrap over a girl / beer / football (weve all been there).
    Being of that age, they are young dumb and full of man-jam. Lad 1 thinks 'sh1t im taking a pastin' pulls out daddies pistol and shoots the other.
    Not beyond the realm of possibility.

    Contrast that with the current situation where he would probably just get his arse kicked, and him and the other lad would both walk away (i know im ignoring the whole knife culture thing but you get my meaning).

    You can extrapolate that into adult life (road rage, find out wife wants a divorce, football hooooligans etc etc) and it all gets very messy.
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Only if the college agrees, or its short sleeve order ;)

    More seriously as a defensive measure without an identified offensive target (i.e. unknown and unquantified) and without premeditation of an act of murder of a known individual, I'd say yes.
  9. so your saying that you support the right to bear arms, assuming its for defensive purposes, and you would never deliberately use it in any case.

    Sort of like a mini trident....
  10. Please define a law abiding citizen for me.... the way you see it! And its not enough our jails are already full of fcukwits, we now put more in... yeag, nice one. Of course the Judge won't jail them and they will then go out and re-offend.
    Chav's don't need shooting, they need to be corrected in the way they think and behave. That should be done by the Law, not by Joe fcuking Bloggs.
  11. And as a side view on this, don't arm the Police with guns, give them Cattle Prods, or Tasers... and let them use them in the instances were gang rule is happening to all involved.
  12. Interesting you should mention these violent scenarios. I would imagine a 6'2" 18 stone thug who likes to get aggressive and violent with weaker looking people in road-rage incidents would be tempered by the idea that his victim might be armed.
    As in the case of the man and wife. If a man really wanted to murder his wife, he could use any number of implements, such as a kitchen knife, rolling-pin, fists. On the other hand, the wife has a better chance of being able to protect herself from her husband's violence.
    Likewise football hooligans are less likely to want to pick fights with innocent people who may be armed, and if they are that stupid, they will end up shot.

    This video illustrates my point better than any verbal argument I could make.