Should Boxes be Armoured?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by theonewhoknows, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Simple - Armour rules - they are going to Combat Zones - so all boxes should have protection....................
  2. These requirments were not included in the 1* circulation of the URD :evil:

    As you raise this topic late in the day, what about grey fleet boxes and those used for training?

    Composite box armour can be expensive I would question it's applicability in the training environment. IMHO stand-off screens should only be fitted in Theatre.

    I think we are already going to see the costs spiral in this project and the ISD moving to the right :cry:

    I can only hope that the security accreditation of the "Christmas Box Information Infrastructure" (XBII) is well advanced, it's bad enough trying to get hold of a DSSO Accreditor at the best of times. :!:
  3. Fish Rabbit Sockmaster Buttons Wibble
  4. Never a truer word written. You've got my vote there...
  5. According to your other post, Int Corps are not combat arms. Therefore, why would they be going anywhere near a combat zone? 8O

    Go feck yourself with the Amour idea. We already have a forcast ISD. Any changes now will see the boxes being delivered in theatre AFTER the troops have been pulled out!

    Where do these people come from??
  6. I heard it's been delayed 'til easter, so will be EBII!
  7. Gentlemen,

    From a logistics point of view as long as your boxes comply with UN packing regulations, ADR Vol 1 & 2 2005 refer, there should be no problem in moving the aforementioned boxes to their eventual location.

    I fear that if you pursue the armoured option then an IPT would have to be set up in DLO to investigate the requirements. To be honest the cost of changing the letterheads and stationary may swallow up any budget you may already have and ultimately they would sell off the boxes you want only to re purchase them at a more expensive rate and then subsequently modify the original plans.
  8. it took a box being destroyed through inadequate protection, before the government would even consider proper armour for every single box going to theatre.

    how many more boxes must get damaged before they are all provided with proper protection in the combat zone?
  9. Of course, on the flip side, if you look at it from a different perspective, with a clean set of eyes, in hindsight..etc etc.

    If the twoops were withdrawn (as they should be!) we could save a fortune as there would be no need for xmas boxes, or Easter Eggs, apparently.
  10. We will seek CGS authority to deploy boxes - he may tell Tony that they are not needed.

    P.S. I'm a steaming pile of dog toffee.. don't listen to owt I have to say.
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  12. Who is this cretin? He has an amazing capacity to talk sh*te when he thinks he's stunning us with his planet sized intellect.
  13. The idea behind the O2T tag is that you dont answer! Jeez!

    Still.. by editing his posts it provides infinitely more comedy value imho!
  14. The armour must be under 2KG per box, otherwise there is no free postage for operational areas for Christmas.
  15. Good point. Doesn't leave much for "essentials" though :(