Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bettymoo, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Well this is Betty.. anyone out there!!
  2. Should women?

    This being the age of equality and all that.
  3. Gary Glitter does...
  4. Well if the blokes arent paying then it is down to the women after all.. I sometimes think that if the women walked out on the kids because they couldnt handle the responsibility what would happen??

  5. Send tissues, over.

    Screen obscured by coffee................ :D
  6. Do men really think that kids are brought up on fresh air and that their ex's party the money away because if so they is very naive...
  7. Dad would have to send them out to clean chimneys..
  8. Wouldn't it be easier to find some easy tart, shag her and have a kid that way? You wouldn't have to pay for them then, they're free.
  9. The blokes would crack on earning money, manage the house and bring thier kids up.

    Why can't you?

    It's not the 1950's you know. Stop relying on blokes when it suits you.
  10. Matelot....

    You are going to hell for that one PMSL.........
  11. I have to say that you guys in the Army are pretty stuffed and generally have to pay as you dont have much choice but dont you feel better for doing it! I THINK it should be a case of you guys pay for things directly like for instance if they need something new you buy it and then everyone would be happy... you would have control over the money and know that it is being spent to help bring up the kids in a proper way...
  12. Flasheart you know the crack.. a couple of quid paid direct wouldnt hurt and would help me out .. after did the other person not make these little beings and shouldnt they want to help after all what do you say later on when they ask about their father.. oh he didnt care enough to equal out the responsibility... get my drift...

  13. Youre call. Youre confusing me somewhat with your method of getting what you think is fair. I'm still not sure what your purpose is on this site.

    I personally belive all children should be drowned at birth.
  14. Betty

    Fcuk right off you moose and get a fecking job. Pay for your own brats, no doubt you had an "accident" on the pill to get them anyway.

    You won't get a penny off him, the CSA are shite anyway. Get on with earning your own money and stop sponging like the council estate leper you no doubt are.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.