Should Bliar go now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. He really has had his day and should do the decent thing, by staying on he is making more of a comment about Browns inability to carry the torch.
  2. He'll announce a date in early March, in my opinion, trying to piggy back on the NI elections.
  3. NI is about the only thing that is running anywhere near target. Just shows what can be acxhieved by appeasing treacherous, murderers and scum!
  4. All gone silent because Broon is in damage limitation mode.

    Would you want to be appointed Labour Prime Minister just in time to cop all the crap for the impending disaster of the Welsh and Scottish Parliament Elections? No, would want to sweep in on a promise of reform, change, proper government, good times for all again etc.

    Trouble is Broon might have no choice because many a Labour MP is facing the grim prospect of being slung out or at least getting a very rough ride.

    But if Lord Cashpoint or any of the No 10 minions get charged Bliar has to go.
  5. I suspect that it may be more accurate to say that NI is the only thing that has the appearance of running anywhere near target.
  6. Does it matter? He'll only be replaced with another money-grabbing, morally deficient cheat.
  7. I now want him to stay...and stay...and stay....
  8. Because?
  9. I think the longer he stays on the worse he and his party look - so I'm all for him staying until perhaps four months before the next general election.

    If any of his Downing street minions are convicted there is a good case for a vote of no confidence and an election. It's nice to think that HM might dissolve parliament over the peerages if proved but given HM's record on stopping parliament from getting out of hand it is beyond doubtful.
  10. Now thats a great scenario, can they put him in the Tower!!??
  11. Because I am enjoying myself so much...isn't everyone else?
  12. He will wait until this investigation is over about Ks and Ps.
  13. We'd have to put his gobby wife in too, otherwise she'd be crying off to the European courts whinging about human rights.

    I'm all for human rights but he's a human wrong.
  14. Well she likes freebees.
  15. resounding yes please if there's a god