Should ATacCS stay or go?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_real_yassa, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. Is there a continued requirement for ATacCS in the modern 1 - 4 Star HQ? The ATacCS system is I believe currently undergoing a re-vamp to Win 2K and Panasonic CF28 ish Toughbooks. These will have the same functionallity as the rest of the range but with a smaller foot print.

    Is this the way forward or should we bin ATacCS alltogether?
  2. It should go. Immediately. However i'm not sure if the British transport industry has enough heavy lift trucks to take it to the land fill in one go!!!!

    Seriously tho, its had its day, and a new system is required learning the lessons from ATacCS I.E. it shouldnt weigh more than the operator and be sturdy and robust etc. The CF28 is a good bit of kit and quite pricey, however you can pick up 4 or 5 for the price of an enhanced liaison computer.

    I'm not sure that another big project is required to produce something like ATacCS, the systems could be built to requirement by the local IT personnel using COTS equipment. It would be cheaper and would give the IT staff the chance to give the staff exactly what they need to get their jobs done.
  3. Perhaps the new Tactical Air Lift, can help drop it from a height of 1000ft over Bruggen airfield and let the IS troop watch while wearing only black arm bands and a Fuukin great smile.

    We could then have the wake at Atelco and admire the prices.
  4. :twisted: Maybe we should bin all the antiquated equipment in the Corps and buy goochy COTS kit to replace it, that way we can all pay 35% tax per annum.
    The ATacCS system itself is not just a load of hardware but provides a robust messaging system using industry standards.
    If the system is used correctly by personnel who have been trained to use it and using the most up to date methodology then it will do exactly what you want it to - the military bearer system will no doubt delay any traffic but that's got nothing to do with ATacCS...
  5. I'm sure TA operators in 11 Sig Bde would welcome the equipment, anything that replaces the tossors or enables them to train on modernish IT equipment . (If ATacCS can replace the tossors).
  6. With you on that one - They have completed their task now get rid. :roll:
  7. Sharky

    Change your handle to Kermit!

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  8. I am sure that the only reason we have so many PTI's asking to join IS trades is because of ATacCS. Keep EDS afloat and their pension scheme plump.

    Please tell me why this subject needs debating?

  9. HillBilly,

    Just goes to show how good you are at debates...

    Thankyou :lol:
  10. dm, you are obs unawhere that therew is a green army out there! we have some real issues to discuss other than moaning about our trade!
  11. ATacCS is definately passed its sell by date. With modern laptops being quite TEMPEST friendly, the day of the big TEMPEST screened box are long gone. If the enemy is that close that they can pick up what is on screen then you are probably bu**ered anyway.

    The next stage has got to be wireless LANs in the HQ as long as the security issues are all sorted.

  12. Get rid, sell it on ebay, maybe you could get a new ipod with the proceeds!