should anyone be treated like this,

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bag4life, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. it might be us one day

    I quote from the petition:

    "Norman Binnall 89 years old from Burnham-on-Sea has been told he must leave his care home because he does not meet the government criteria for funding. Norman was a P.O.W in Germany for over 3 years and lost a foot at Dunkirk. He is petrified about returning home on his home with very little care. Is this the way we should be treating the Heroes who gave us what we have today. Ex-sevicemen like Norman have given this country a lot, let us not ignore them in their time of need."

    The petition can be found at;
  2. I dunno about you, but I'm certainly not planning on losing a foot at Dunkirk!! ;)
  3. Is he ex REME? If not I'm not sure why you'd post it here.
  4. He wore green. Does it really matter which Corps or Regiment? One of my lads got more help from the Fusiliers than his own Corps REME. I'm glad they saw the bigger picture.
  5. My point is that this is a REME thread. If he wore green then put it somewhere where ALL green can see it.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It is and maybe he (1_on_the_back) is just trying to drum up a bit of support as the reaction so far has been a bit poor.
  7. I suppose the point is that if we post all the threads in each chat forum (just to get the message across) then we are going to have a hell of a lot of duplication. Am I right?
  8. Media comes in many forms some people only read the Sun, the same story may be in the Telegraph, etc, not all people on arrse read *every* page on other Regt/Corps sites, no matter how old, how long you serve, we all took the same shilling,
    If you dont want to help thats up to you. this request is not meant to attract critism but support.
    Alive or Dead we will remember them, they gave their yesterday for our today.

  9. Doffs cap to 1_on_the_back

    Very well said chief......can't help thinking someone is just here to offer ill thought out opinions and gather gongs though :roll:
  10. I for one have not seen the other thread but because this one has had a few reponses I saw it on the "last 20" thank you for bringing it to my attention.... Does it matter what formum it appears in? As stated on the petition, if you read it, it says "for all servicemen"!

  11. The sort of ******** response I'd expect from this cretin. Do you think that REME live in a different world to other mortals or do you just like to gob off
  12. Are you not gobbing off yourself!!! Practice what you preach. :x

    To me, sparky was only pointing out the fact that one of the general forums would be better suited for this subject!!

    It was also pointed ot that this thread is a repeat of one in a general forum .

    fair enough to point out something in another forum but why dont you contribute to the topic :!:
  13. Job done.