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Should ALL police officers be routinely armed (with tazer)

Should Police be armed with Tazer routinely...

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Youse lot must live in some rough old areas, its quite nice where I live and we only have 1 PCSO, she's very nice and pops in for a brew now and again... I think she's bored bless her. I believe she covers about 200 sq miles in her little landrover..
Not enough money to arm a country's police officers? Just let that sink, has it really come to this?

That, mate, has been the case for a long time. It is not just a case of buying around 1000 weapons for most county constabulary's.

- You need a dedicated fireram training facilty to be of a size sufficient enough to train new officers and annually re-classify existing officers - the average range at most forces is suitable for the needs of a specialist firearms unit and not day to day training.

- You would need to train and employ dedicted instructional officers moving them away from public facing roles.

- You would need armoury staff at every divisional location.

- On top of the 1000'ish weapons bought you need to buy enough spare weapons and spare parts to cope with servicing and maintenance requirements.

So not as simple as it may seem.


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Done to death on here already.
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