Should all people of foreign birth be sent back home?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimbojetset, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Reading a few threads on these forums the attitude of some people to foreign nationals is quite disturbing, especially those from Muslim/Asian backgrounds.
    The reason I ask this is because if the UK were to implement such a policy, where would it stop? Asian, African, North American, Australian?
    Then what, would all those nations be entitled to send UK citizens back home? Would it make any difference?
  2. I'm of foreign birth (born in Oman) with British parents does that mean I should be sent back home?
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  4. Jimbo stop trolling you cnut! I think this should be locked
  5. why? I think its an important question, many of the threads on here contain statements about Asians, Muslims, Hindus, foreigners that are quite offensive to some people. What I want to know is, do those people believe that the above categories should be sent home?
  6. Examples??
  7. I disagree.

    Jim makes a valid point with reference to the "send 'em all 'ome" mentality, and why policies of the far right political parties on such matters are the work of rabble-rousing mouth-breathing barely-evolved knuckle-draggers.

    The current figures, when I last heard them (I know, current in the past. Lynn Truss will beast me up hills with large pack and helmet) were that there are 1.5 M more Brits more living abroad that there are folk who were born overseas living in the UK.

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  8. The thread on loyalty of muslims, save Shambo, various threads on BNP

    Could I just point out that I do not agree with the above statement, because I come into the category of foreign birth!
  9. All illegal immigrants should be out. The reason there are so many Brits living overseas, is because the Uk has gone to the dogs.......
    Any one who enters the country legaly and is willing to work for a living, baring criminal convictions, should be allowed to stay.
    Those living on benefits, paid for by the Uk tax payer, should go.
  10. Except of course the British have emigrated since they were able to, its not recent
  11. Perhaps you could add an option of "People of foreign birth who are of absolutely no value to British society at all" to you options?

    Immigration is a vital and necessary element of any evolved society but immigration without any form of control is hugely dangerous.

    Colour, religion, nationality doesn't matter. The send em all home mentality is a bloody idiots attitude. Being able to live in a nation where we welcome those who come and add value, confident in the knowledge that someone is sending home those who dont, is the ideal. Currently this isnt happening - and only feeds oxygen to the send em home brigades fire.
  12. I am disappointed at some of the posts on the 'Save Shambo' thread. In particular those that have decided that the Hindus in question are all immigrants and should be sent home and those that dismiss their point of view altogether because they follow a minority religion.

    Whilst I am all for intelligent, structured debate on the perceived race issues in this country, it is the ignorance of some posters that annoys me the most. If you're going to take a strong stance on this sort of matter, at least make sure you are properly informed before you start. Like many members, I stay out of discussions about which I have little knowledge. In the same way that I do not chip in with comments on the Infantry forum because I am not well-versed in the life of an Infanteer, I do not generally comment on racial threads because I am not an expert in race relations.
  13. Do you try hard at been a cnut or does it come naturally?
  14. If they actually watched the news, I think it was on Midlands Today they would realise that most of the people that appeared on the article were of British origin anyway that had converted to Hinduism!!
  15. your statement......regarding Hindu's.......does that include the Gurkha's....?
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